Types of Techniques

The technique as such, is that modality of actions in which, through a series of procedures, it is possible to achieve a previously outlined objective. By achieving this goal, it will be possible to obtain the results that were contemplated at the beginning of the activities. These techniques, as such, are applied to a series of fields of knowledge, such as science, education, technology, the arts and others.

The techniques are the result of a series of designs of skills, tools, processes; that allow you to achieve the desired goal. What is sought is not only to know a certain phenomenon but also to evaluate the possibility that it is possible to improve and/or modify it. When the design of a particular technique is achieved and with the implementation it is possible to prove its effectiveness, it is shared with others.

It is important to take into account that the technique not only adheres to a methodology or procedure that stipulates the steps and/or skills to be developed to achieve the objective; it is necessary to have a series of tools that help the purpose. It is also extremely important that whoever applies the technique in question has the necessary knowledge that encompasses the phenomenon of the technique to be applied.

Types of techniques

Drawing techniques

It refers to the application of a series of techniques that are necessary within the field of arts, particularly; although its implementation can be contemplated in the field of science. Focusing on the subject of arts, these techniques are adopted by the artist who has decided to create a drawing as a work of art. In this regard, there are various modalities within this category.

Charcoal or charcoal technique

From a historical point of view, this is one of the oldest that has been detected in the field of drawing. It consists of the use of charcoal as the material to make the necessary lines when drawing, on different surfaces, by the human being. The oldest drawings that have been found using this technique are found in a series of caves scattered throughout the world.


Engraving technique

For the application of this technique, there are several modalities of it, for example, there is the engraving for reliefs, which is developed by applying said reliefs to wooden blocks that would be carved in said image. There is also what is known as dry engraving, where various metal plates are used for this purpose where the drawings to be printed are molded.

handmade engraving

Printing techniques

Corresponds to this type of technique, those models that allow the person to reproduce a series of images according to their own needs. It is possible not only to reproduce images but also texts. For reproduction, various mechanisms are applied, according to their own interests, such as screen printing, typography, printing, engraving, flexography; among others. The support is usually paper or plastic.

printing process

Colored pencil technique

The possibilities that the use of this technique offers to the cartoonist is that it is possible to give a volume effect to said drawings, it is also possible to give a sensation of depth, increasing realism. It is also possible to apply the effect of blurring colors and perspectives. Above all, it allows the power to detail with great precision the characteristics of the object of the drawing.

wood color

Graphite pencil technique

To carry out this technique, it is necessary that the person who is going to execute it master the use of graphite, which is the predominant material to implement said technique. The idea and benefit of graphite is that it is a material that allows the creation of shadow effects for the artist. It is also possible to create effects of depth, volume and other elements that give realism to the drawing.

Regarding graphite, which is the material used in this technique, it is obtained through the extraction and processing of a natural carbon. This allows it to be used on blank paper, allowing the stroke itself to create, depending on the artist’s skill, the aforementioned effects. It is a highly generous material for a good handling of effects.

Among the benefits offered by this material is the fact that the line that has previously been made and has not satisfied the artist can be easily erased. In addition, it is possible to create an infinite number of effects to the drawings. For example, it is possible to create effects of tones, shapes of spots and a number of possibilities that help the creative exercise.

drawing with graphite

Relaxation techniques

In this case, we find a drawing modality that pursues a particular purpose, and it is the fact that the person who carries out this technique can minimize the level of stress in which he is at that moment. To this end, autosuggestion is the key piece in all this. It is also part of a previous model of meditation that people seek to access.

mandala with color

Sanguine technique

In this case, for the implementation of this technique, it is necessary to use a specific material that has been known as pigments, which are interposed in a series of bars that are manufactured for this purpose. By implementing this material, the cartoonist manages to highlight both expressions and forms to the drawing itself thanks to this material.

With this technique, it is possible to make sketches, sketches, portraits, nudes, landscapes and other possibilities of expression from the drawing itself. One of the immediate benefits offered by this technique is that it is possible to create drawings in three tones. It is also possible, from the white color of the surface, to multiply the possibilities of colors and expression, the skill of the draftsman is key.

Ink technique

To carry out this type of technique, the artist uses ink as a drawing material. For this purpose, it is necessary that it be applied using a type of support that, among its main characteristics, is thick and hard. The surface where said ink will be applied requires that it not be porous, much less absorbent. The immediate benefit offered by this type of drawing is that it is highly brilliant.

landscape in the mountains

Study techniques

In this particular case, we are talking about ways in which the study of certain areas of knowledge can be covered in order to be more efficient in managing the information contained in said area of ​​knowledge. It seeks to maximize the efficiency of the study and, above all, learning. For this purpose, there are various techniques to achieve this objective.

Among them we have those known as study planning, which precisely allow the application of a series of methodologies and tools that facilitate the administration of study sessions. There are also those of execution, which allows to advance in the levels of study. Finally, we have those of motivation, which seek the impulse to study without abandoning it.

Man writing in a notebook

Research techniques

It corresponds to a series of methodologies that exist in the field of study and allows, within a certain research project, to apply the one that is most suitable to achieve the objective of verifying or refuting a hypothesis that produces new knowledge and information. Among them we have what are interviews, surveys, research processes, among others.

Investigation through the microscope

legal technique

They are the techniques that are implemented within the field of jurisprudence. These obey a series of scientific methodologies that seek the best interpretation of legal concepts according to the context and validity of the laws that are currently being applied. It is for this reason, an important part of the work of the lawyer who imparts actions within the law.

representative statue of justice

Vocal technique

This type of technique is used in the area of ​​music. It is used by singers to exercise what are the key parts of what are the vocal organs, that is, what gives the voice the appropriate and necessary sound. It also seeks to avoid that during the singing process, the person, the vocal cords or what is known as the phonatory structure is hurt.

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