Types of Roses

The word rose to refer both to the rose itself that arises from a rose bush, and to the bush itself, interchangeably . It will depend on the context or environment that the person who refers to a rose distinguishes which idea he is referring to. Now, from the point of view of botany, the rose is known as one that is part of the “rosaceae” family.

The physical characteristics of the rose that they have are many leaves that at first glance make them very flowery, in addition, in the case of shrubs, they turn out to be thorny and reach heights of about three meters on average. One of the most common shrubs is the so-called climber. Of course there is a wide variety of roses as we will see later.

Roses are given, in daily life, many uses, among them we have that they essentially serve to make a certain space perfumed, they are also widely used to decorate the spaces in question due to the variety of colors and shapes offered by the petals. . From an economic point of view, it is a product that can be marketed very well.

It is known that there is a significant number of species between natural and hybrid. At least a hundred species of natural origin are known and at least 3,000 that are the product of man’s manipulation by crossing certain species of flowers. The beauty that all these flowers show is invaluable for the human being.

Types of roses

Old roses

This is the name given to those roses that are the result of a hybrid process and that, from a historical point of view, were developed before the year 1867, that is, they correspond to a historical classification. One of the first roses to be developed is what became known as hybrid tea. The central function of this type of roses was to decorate palace gardens.


Modern roses

From the historical point of view, those hybrid roses that were developed after the year 1867 are classified as such. Among the main characteristics that can be observed in this type of roses, is that the bushes turn out to be small, otherwise It happens with the flowers which are usually larger than the rest of the roses.

closeup to a rose

Wild roses

This is the name given to those roses that grow naturally in a specific habitat. These develop naturally, that is, the human being does not intervene in any way. One of the benefits of this type of roses is that they are highly susceptible for humans to artificially perform a series of crosses between different roses to obtain a new variety.

warm colored flowers

Species of roses and rose bushes

Shrub Roses

These types of roses occur in some places where precisely the bushes measure up to two meters in height on average. A very particular characteristic is that in them you can find both single and double flowers. One of the great advantages that they offer compared to other roses is that they have the ability to bloom practically all year round.

White roses

Floribunda Roses

In this case, from the physical point of view, they are small roses, they are usually, unlike many, full of color. One of the advantages they offer is that up to 25 roses can develop on average on a single stem. This gives the pattern that in terms of exploitation and commercialization it is highly profitable, in addition to the fact that it can be grown in autumn and summer.

peach flowers

Hybrid tea

They are known as such, those flowers that are the result of a mass cultivation process that responds to high levels of commercialization. It happens that these types of roses are highly accepted and required by many people. It has become a commonly used rose in everyday life. It is widely used at the time known as Valentine’s Day.

Red rose

Miniature Roses

As its name suggests, this type of roses reaches an average height of up to 40 centimeters, that is, the rose bushes are usually very small. Each of the bouquets can develop an average of up to eleven roses, as is the case with most. These types of roses were designed to cover a specific market that required small flowers.

little rose

Rosa Polyantha

It bears a close resemblance to the rose known as floribunda in both its physical properties and its scent. One difference has to do with the fact that in the case of these roses, an average of fifteen roses grow in a single bouquet. Otherwise there is a similarity with floribunda roses. For example, both are usually grown in the fall and summer seasons.

pink flowers

Creeping rose

The main characteristic of this type of roses is that when they are cultivated, each of the bouquets that grow rises straight from the ground, and an average of eleven roses can grow on them. Like the rest of the roses, they are ideal for growing in the autumn and summer seasons. This is so, because they are the ideal environmental conditions for its development.

Sarmentosa Rose

They are those roses that have the characteristic of being climbers, it is ideal for use in interior design, that is, to decorate some interior and exterior spaces. The stems have the particularity that they are usually lax, which precisely allows them to become entangled in some spaces. They usually grow in the corsages on average about twenty flowers.

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