Types of Rock

Rock is one of the musical genres that have been classified, this name was coined in the fifties . It had its great influence on popular culture, on young people and on other musical genres thanks to the famous singer of this genre known as Elvis Presley. In the United States, first, and then in the rest of the world, it is very popular.

Types of rock

Alternative rock

This type of rock is the result of various influences, that is, it is a series of contributions of various features of rock itself that are evolving. It is sought in this to find a different style that promotes in his attitude and music a current that is called countercultural, that is, to go against the current of cultural guidelines adopted by consensus.

Rock beat

The origin, from the historical point of view of the music, occurred in the 1960s, in which groups of five members emerged that were highly influenced by the so-called rock and roll, having a great boom and success in the United Kingdom. . To date, this type of music is still heard in many parts of the world, although it is not very popular.

Blues rock

This genre originated from the musical combination of the so-called rock and roll and the one known as blues. In the predominates as a musical instrument, the electric guitar. It was very popular in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Later, in the United States, the success of this type of groups was unmatched.

Country rock

Musical genre of rock that has as its main characteristic, which is the result of a fusion between other genres such as the so-called country music and the same classic rock and roll. Culturally, this type of music is a faithful representative of the social aspirations of the American working class that worked particularly in the fields.



As its name suggests, this type of music originated as a musical expression in the music that was developed by young people in the United States in their garages. This developed in the 1960s. The main characteristic of this music is that it turns out to be highly noisy. What is sought to be projected in the songs is a potential energy.

screaming child

Glam rock

It is a musical genre that had a boom in the seventies, where the main characteristic of this type of music is that the sound is very noisy, along with this, an element that became popular came into play and is the clothing used by the musicians in these groups, directly projecting the sexual orientations they had.


Some musicians refer to this genre as Seattle-type music. Its origin is the product of the fusion of other musical genres such as the so-called indie rock and alternative rock. It also gets some influence on some musical traits, from what is known as heavy metal. This series of combinations develop a very particular musical sound.

city ​​of seattle

Rock hard

The appearance of this type of musical genre occurred thanks to the combination of blues and rock with certain rhythmic adaptations. Its popularity was very high in the 1960s, particularly in the United States. Among the particular characteristics that can be found in this type of music is the fact that sound amplifiers are used.

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Heavy rock

The central characteristic of this musical genre is that the groups have at least two guitarists who make too much noise with a certain harmony. In addition to this, the music is projected at high volumes. A characteristic element is the fact that in their presentations they use a series of lights that blind the spectators and simulate explosions.

heavy metal musician


This musical style usually seeks its own individuality in sound and interpretation, when this happens, it is classified as independent music. For this reason, it comes to not be considered as a specific musical genre. These experimental efforts or the search for musical authenticity contribute to the entire rock genre, as they feed back.

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Pop rock

It is a genre that results from the union of the base music of rock itself, adding some soft melodies; this results in a lilting rhythm accompanied by lyrics that repeat several refrains. This makes the music attractive for the dance. Music is created with musical instruments like electric guitar, keyboard and drums basically.

Music concert

Gothic rock

This type of rock originated in Germany, and among the main characteristics is the fact that these groups use a device known as a synthesizer. The songs project a sense of melancholy and depressive tones that many young people are drawn to. The influence of gothic art is also found in the way of dressing of the followers of this music.

gothic style person

Psychedelic rock

It is also called as acid music. The central characteristic is in the use of what are psychedelic substances, which when consumed “stimulate” the senses when they listen to music that is soft in a certain sense. It is not precisely necessary that these drugs are consumed, music presents a certain resemblance to the effects of consumption.

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