Types of Pain

The concept of pain refers to a type of discomfort sensation that goes from mild to intense , leaving an unpleasant sensation in the body. Its origin is in the nervous system that produces the sensation of suffering in the body.

Although it is the nervous system where the sensation of pain originates, it can occur in all parts of the body. That is, it can be generated in the back, legs, arms, head, eyes, abdomen, stomach and practically the entire body.

Types of pain according to its duration

Sharp pain

People who feel this type of pain refer to when one or more organs of the body are malfunctioning. In this sense, this pain represents a warning sign for future more serious complications if they are not attended to promptly.

This type of pain occurs when the tissue of an organ is physiologically affected, presenting external or internal damage as the case may be. In most cases, when treated in a timely manner, it does not represent a trigger for more intense and serious pain.

Chronic pain

It occurs when there are psychological or physical alterations that affect the normal functioning of the organism, as is the case of sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, chronic reduction in mobility, among others.


Types of pain according to its course

Continuous pain

Taking one day as a temporary reference, it is said to be a continuous type of pain when it is not relieved in that period of time.

Unbearable pain

Breakthrough pain

Contrary to the previous case, this occurs immediately and can be controlled or disappear at intervals of time.

Back pain

Types of pain according to pathogenesis

Nociceptive pain

This is the name given to the pain event that occurs when there is an intense pain stimulus in the body in the area of ​​the nociptors. The function of this is to give an alert to the body of imminent damage from an injury to a specific tissue.

skin wound

Types of nociceptive pain

Somatic pain

When this type of pain occurs, there is the advantage that the area where it occurs can be located. Within this, skin-type pains, skin or mucous membranes can develop. An example of this type of pain is burns suffered by certain areas of a body.

In addition, this type of pain occurs in other areas such as bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and other important parts of the body.

Medical tape to cover small wounds

Visceral pain

In intensity it represents intense pain, which is very difficult for the doctor to locate. This situation makes the patient anxious and irascible before said event. Normally when it is located it occurs in the organs of the body, the most common pain being thoracic and abdominal.

pain in the abdomen

Psychogenic pain

Very particular pain, which occurs through mental alterations. That is, that is its origin.

pain in the head

Neuropathic pain

Pain that occurs when there is a significant lesion in the nervous system. These damages occur in the nerve fibers.

Human brain

Types of pain according to its intensity

Severe pain

The intensity of the pain causes the patient to be continually upset and unable to rest even in a short period of time.

statue of man

Moderate pain

When it occurs, it affects the patient’s daily activities to a certain extent, although it may be tolerable and it is possible to continue with the routine and it is easy to control through medication or restorative exercises; according to the case.

woman touching head

Soft pain

It is usually easy for the person to bear and carry out their activities without stopping them while being accompanied by that pain.


Types of pain according to its location

Referred pain

When the pain is located in another area of ​​the body than the origin of the pain itself, it is designated as referred. A common example is kidney pain that “sees” in the lower back and even the skin.Back pain

Abdominal pain

Physiologically it is located in the lower part of the chest until it reaches the groin.

Pain in the pit of the stomach

Back pain

It is a pain that manifests itself in the back region, and it can be radicular pain, that is, when the nervous system is affected or pseudoradicular, which is when pain arises due to alterations in the vertebrae.

Back pain

Cancer pain

When a person has a tumor somewhere in the body, it generates pain, which is why it is called cancer pain. The intensity of the pain is directly related to the level of tumor damage and the region where it is located.

Gynecological pain

It occurs in the area of ​​the female reproductive system and originates, among other things, from the menstruation process, menopause or when the apparatus itself does not work properly.

woman lying down

Postoperative pain

Once a patient has undergone surgery, he feels an acute type of pain that is the result of the injuries typical of the surgical intervention. The patient feels it once the anesthesia wears off.

baby feet

Neuropathic pain

When there is an alteration in the peripheral parts of the nervous system, this generates pain in the face of stimuli to the nervous system itself, which by its nature is called neuropathic. It is a stabbing and recurring pain and even a type of intense burning manifests itself.


Rheumatologic pain

It is a pain that is located in the joints and occurs due to their deterioration.

Muscle pain

Migraines and headaches

This type of pain can present in mild or strong intensity, located in the back of the head and even in the forehead and also affects eye pain.

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