Types of measuring instruments

measuring instrument is a device that performs  a series of comparisons in relation to physical magnitudes such as distances , for example; which are carried out through a type of apparatus or device, these measurements are made digitally or analogously, depending on the characteristics and needs of the measurement.

One of the main characteristics is that measurements can be made with the necessary accuracy, in addition to the fact that the devices must have qualities such as appreciation, distinction and sensitivity to the object being measured. It is important to note that in addition to measuring, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the distance, you can measure the speed, weight and other properties of objects.

Types of measuring instruments

Due to the way it is measured


They are those measuring instruments that physically show a series of “scales” that represent data that is going to be taken as soon as something is going to be measured. Those divisions will indicate in a way the value they need and by which the measurement is made. For this purpose, a small margin of error is likely to occur in the interpretation of the data.


The instruments that are used when it is necessary to measure the density that the air has at that moment in the space in which the person is located are thus known. In addition, any type of gas found in the air can be measured with these instruments. It is ideal for knowing the level of pollution that exists in a city.

Digital measurement

This type of instrument has as a physical characteristic that it has a component that throws the data through a screen that indicates the value and format of what is being measured at that moment. This allows to know precisely, without possibilities of interpretation, of the figures in an exact and quick way to read.



In this case, we have an instrument that is used to measure the optical levels of the lenses. That is, they are applied to be able to measure the power that a certain object such as isolated lenses has within the optical frequency. With the data obtained, a series of adjustments can be made until the level of optical capacity required is found.

old meter

Frequency meter

This device will be applied when at that moment you want to know the level, degree and frequency of the oscillations of a moving wave. The waves that are measured can be synodal, in the form of saw teeth or square, depending on the case. The readings of said frequencies are capable of being read by the person trained for this purpose.

Radio station indicator

Level Measurement

It is widely used in the construction industry. The function of this is to measure the possible degrees of angles that exist between one surface in relation to another. For example, when you want to install a crossbar at 90 degrees, this device is used to indicate the exact point and the way in which that crossbar should be placed. In this way, the given specifications can be met.


In this case, this instrument is used when you want to measure the levels of expenditure that some type of electrical device presents in relation to the use of energy that it absorbs. For this to occur in good optimal conditions, this device must have the ammeter and voltmeter in good maintenance; key pieces of these instruments.

kilowatt meter

By measuring angles


The function of this instrument is to measure through the value of amperes, the level of intensity that a flowing electricity device has at that moment. This value allows the interested parties to make the pertinent corrections so that an overload does not occur that damages the devices or any other source of energy flow.

amp meter


These instruments are used to measure various things such as electrical resistance, current intensity, voltage or tension manifested at that moment and any type of electrical magnitude. This instrument is also usually called a “tester”. And it is used in various industries where it is necessary to know this data within the development of activities.

electronic current meter


These instruments are used when it is required to graphically represent a series of electrical signals over a period of time to monitor the variations that occur. The nature of the measurement and the characteristics of the instrument classify it as an electrical type. It allows to throw exact data in the measurement.

Electronic wave meter


In this case, an instrument is needed so that the level of voltage that is developing at that moment in a place can be measured. The electrical voltage that occurs in specific places such as large-scale power distribution terminals can also be measured. This allows monitoring and, if necessary, making the pertinent corrections.

volt meter

By its length measurement


This measuring instrument is used to know the distance of some extensions where the space turns out to be very small. That is, centimeters and/or units of millimeter value are measured. Ideal for accurately knowing short distances by architects or engineers. Although it can be applied in other professions as required.

size gauge

Measuring tape

It is used when you want to measure long distances on a surface. For the same reason, the length units are longer and their main characteristic is that the handling of the instrument can be flexible. That is why you can measure not only straight lines but also curved spaces. This gives the person greater possibilities of knowing the distances of the spaces to study.

Yellow tape measure


The purpose of this type of instrument is to be able to measure the trajectory developed by an object such as a vehicle within a certain distance at a starting and ending point. This is used for example in taxis and are properly known as taximeters. It is known in other areas as a step counter or pedometer.

speedometer of a car


This instrument is also known as a “micrometer”, which has the functionality of being able to make exact measurements at distances called millimeters. This allows the measurement data in small places to be accurate and thus interpretation errors can be avoided in the calculations for which these measurements were taken.

metal micrometer


These instruments are used when you want to measure the distance from one place to another, previously defined. Generally the shape of the instrument is flat and rectangular, in which we can find a series of scales that indicate the possible distance from one point to another. Generally the units of length are usually centimeters, inches; according to the decimal system.

metal ruler

For its mass measurement


It is used so that a person can measure the weight of a mass, that is, the shape of the scale has two arms in a similar way in which on one side, the object to be measured/weighed is placed and on the other , an object such that it helps to find a balance in the balance when there is no object to be weighed. In this way and depending on the scales, the weight of the object can be measured.

Instrument for measuring equal weights

Weighing machine

It is used, like the balance, to measure the weight of a certain object. For that, it is necessary that it be placed on a surface horizontally, through which in a digital reader, it will throw the data or value that is required. In this way, it will be possible to know the exact weight of the object that has been measured.

electronic scale


This is a type of instrument used for the purpose of measuring in a given space the amount of gas that is concentrated according to the levels of thermal conductivity that are being developed. This comparison allows us to know the level of gas that exists and the implications that it may have for the air in a given period of time.

For its temperature measurement


In this case, we have an instrument that helps to calculate the temperature level of an object or substance that, due to its characteristics, exceeds the average of 500 °C, ideal for use in industries where production processes require this type of temperature. temperatures in the objects for a better management in said processes.


It is necessary to use when it is required to know the body temperature of a person at the moment. It is implemented above all in hospitals where it is necessary to monitor patient temperatures to avoid damage to the body itself due to high temperatures and do not develop, for example, seizures that harm the patient.

For his measurement of time


It is a daily measuring instrument that allows us to measure and know the time in which we are living, that is, it indicates the date in year, month and day in which we are in the present. For this purpose, a calendar is divided into twelve months, and into weeks and days. The most used calendar is the solar one, although there are others such as the lunar one.


This type of device is used to measure the speed of a particular person or object along a path. It is used very frequently in events such as sports competitions, as well as in laboratories where scientific research is carried out. The benefit provided by stopwatches is that it is possible to measure time and speed in very small fractions.

radiometric dating

It is widely used in the field of research, especially when it is necessary to know the time of the rocks. For this, what this instrument does is measure the isotope levels of the objects. Ideal to know the age of some stones found in specific places of the earth’s crust to understand the context of that space.

For its speed measurement


Known as such are those devices that are usually used to measure things such as the wind, in order to be able to predict, among other things, the time that is applied to travel a distance from two established fixed points. This knowledge allows anticipating the speeds required to get from one side to the other with wind friction.


The purpose of this instrument is to measure, through a series of calculations, the speed that is applied or necessary to be used, so that an object moves from an initial point to an end point. Generally, it is common to find them in cars and any other type of transport to be able to implement the necessary speeds in the transfer and meet the objective of reaching a place in the desired time.

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