Types of Cutting Tools

Thecutting toolsare thoseinstruments that allow a person to carry out a job of separating or dividing some material. It is widely used in trades such as carpentry, hardware, mechanical workshops and similar trades where it is necessary at some point in the work to carry out a series of cuts and/or perforations. That is, with this type of tools you can cut, divide or tear off a part of the object.

These tools basically have two component parts and they are the area that performs the function for which it was designed, which is to cut, and another area that allows the person who is performing the task to be able to hold and maneuver it without causing any type of injury. injury. The material with which it is made must be of great resistance due to the great effort that is carried out when it is used.

Types of cutting tools

By the cut

against the material

To carry out the task, it is necessary for the person to permanently hold the object or material to be cut so that it does not move during the operation. What will happen is that the tool that has been decided to use will go in a fixed direction causing the cut that is necessary to achieve the objective. This operation is usually performed holding with one hand and cutting with the other.


They are the tools that when the person is making the cut that a certain object needs, it is not required to be in constant movement during the execution, that is, it only requires that a type of movement be presented that the person can perform such as parts that need to rotate to make certain cuts, as happens with lathes.

By material

Alloy steel

These kinds of tools are made from materials like chrome and vanadium; these allow that when the cut is being made and given the constant rubbing of the cutting line with the object or material that is being cut, the temperature that could lead to accidents is avoided. That is, there is a decrease in heat and the material is not deformed.

Hardened carbon steel

The material with which these tools are made is commonly known as tempered steel. They have the particularity that they turn out to be very resistant and have the necessary hardness in mechanical maneuvers so that they do not suffer damage. Due to all these characteristics, it is one of the most used types of tools. Besides that they are not usually very expensive.

Cutting pliers with blue handle

High speed steels

These tools are manufactured from the material of high speed steel; Among the main characteristics is the fact that it has great resistance to high temperatures that exceed 600 °C and maintains the level of the edge. That is why it is recommended to use this type of tool more than other types of steel when you want to make a fast cut.

carpentry work with a drill

Fast steels

They are those tools that for their manufacture the carbon-iron material was used. This allows the person to be able to make cuts of approximately 60 m/min; In addition, it allows working with high temperatures up to a limit of 600 °C without suffering any type of affectation and the cut is exact. It is a kind of tool that has Rockwell type hardness.

Close up of a close disc

Metallic carbides

It is also often known as hard carbides; and this is so because they are composed of materials that lead to that state such as titanium. The benefit that this type of material offers in the tool is the resistance that it can withstand in the face of constant movements at a speed of 2500 m/min. Situation that makes it a special tool.

Various of drill bits made of steel

Synthesized tungsten carbides

It is understood that the material used for its manufacture is tungsten carbide; what really stands out is the peculiarity of the size of these types of tools: they turn out to be very small. Due to the material with which they are made, they have a significant hardness, ideal for cutting objects of great weight and resistance such as rocks and ceramics.


They are made from what is known as aluminum oxide, which has been used for many years. In fact, it is rarely manufactured anymore because it turned out to be a very fragile material and it damaged very quickly. Although it is true, little is manufactured, when it is made it is done by combining the material with cast iron with steel.

Tools made of ceramic for polishing


In this case we have all those tools that are manufactured from very specific materials such as titanium carbide and titanium nitride particles. These materials make these tools not only hard but also somewhat flexible in weight, which is ideal for the people who use them since they can make better cuts and have less risk of accidents.

Triangular cut cermet

Polycrystalline diamond

Due to the material with which it is made, this type of tool turns out to be very resistant during cutting operations, in addition to being very durable. In addition, due to the characteristics of the material, it prevents it from suffering serious wear due to the abrasion process. Unlike tools made with metal materials, diamond ones are usually better.

Diamond particles

Due to the material used for its manufacture, in the market they find very high prices. This is so because the diamond is used as a material, which has an important benefit and is that it is a very resistant resource. This allows you to make very precise cuts in areas that turn out to be very hard. The tool material is usually not damaged.diamond closeup

Cubic boron nitride

This type of tools made of this material are used specifically to be able to “turn” some metals. The material allows it to withstand high temperatures and is highly resistant to alloys. It is an ideal tool for cutting very hard and resistant objects, specifically metal.

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