Types of childbirth

Childbirth is the process through which a viviparous living being passes, in which once it has completed the normal cycle, according to its species , of pregnancy, the moment arrives, through the delivery procedure that gives birth, that is, it naturally expels the baby that was formed during pregnancy, giving birth to a new living being on the planet. It is usually handled interchangeably as labor or birth.

This concept represents the final stage of what is known as the process of gestation and/or pregnancy. That is, fulfilling the normal times of the gestation process. Depending on how the delivery is presented, it will have its own name. We review these in the next section. It is important to point out that in some cases the human being is taken as a reference.

It is important to point out that the report goes through a series of key stages and that the doctor responsible for the patient monitors it. In general terms, three key stages are determined and they are: dilation, expulsion and delivery. We review each of these stages for a better understanding of the subject and greater knowledge.


This event occurs in the birth process when an increase in its opening is observed in the part of the womb, this is so since the baby is preparing to come out of the womb. At that time, what is known as the contraction process begins to appear in the mother. This is the indication that the baby is about to be born.


In this case, we are in the next stage where the mother and the baby are ready for the latter to go outside. At this stage and as directed by the doctor, the mother should help in labor, pushing so that the baby finds help and can come out through the vaginal canal properly and in a timely manner.



This name is given in relation to the fact that once the baby is born, it is indicative that the mother has “given birth”. It is the final stage of the birth process, closing the complete cycle. Once the baby is born, the medical staff cleans it of the placenta and cuts the umbilical cord. The mother is transferred to her assigned room so that she can rest and recover, the baby is ready and they take it to her.


Types of childbirth

Caesarean section

It is less likely known as abdominal delivery, since precisely, instead of the baby coming out through the vaginal canal, it is delivered through the abdomen. To do this, the doctors, once they have determined that it is this way, what they do is open the abdomen through an incision to take the baby out. For this it is necessary to use anesthesia.

doctors in surgery


It is a type of delivery that is defined when in the delivery procedure the doctor makes a cut in the part called “perineum”, with the intention of helping the expulsion of the baby and the doctor considers that it is not necessary to implement the delivery process by mid-cesarean section. This avoids severe damage to the mother’s tissue.

scalpel surgery


It is known in some way as natural childbirth. Let’s say it’s a modality. The difference between this and an assisted delivery even without the intervention of any type of instrument, occurs naturally. It is one of the most natural births that exist and means the least painful for the mother without any type of anesthesia supply or anything similar.

Mother with her newborn

Induced Labor

If during the gestation process, the doctor determines that at the time of the review, he considers that the baby is at risk of dying or presenting some other type of complication, what is done is precisely to “induce” labor through certain medications. by the doctor to the mother, so that she can present herself during the labor process. It is important to note that it is a risky process.

Baby looking around

Water birth

This is one of the types of childbirth that developed in recent decades. It basically consists of extracting the baby naturally in the process of childbirth under water. This offers both mothers and babies many benefits. For example, for babies the process of delivery of the placenta to the outside is not very traumatic with this procedure.

water birthing tub

Premature labor

It is a very special case. These deliveries occur when the baby has not yet completed the normal weeks of gestation, that is, they are born prematurely. Sometimes it is because it occurs naturally and other times because of an induction to which the mother is subjected by a doctor. This type of childbirth, as the gestation process is not fulfilled in a normal way in time, poses a risk to the baby.

heart rate of a baby

Assisted vaginal

It bears a certain similarity to the so-called “instrumental birth”. The process is based on the fact that the doctor determines the use of a series of instruments, in the extreme case of being necessary, since it is not highly recommended due to the high risk that the baby runs in the manipulation process, such as forceps. They also use a series of injections that signal the body to expel the baby if it doesn’t happen naturally.

baby's first photo

Instrumental vaginal

In this case, the delivery process is carried out with the intervention of a doctor in a process similar to natural childbirth. The difference is that in this case, it will be necessary that at the right time and under the appropriate procedure, the doctor implements a series of instruments to help the mother so that the baby continues to come out through the vaginal canal. It is used in extreme case of risk to the baby.

newborn receiving medical care

Naturally vaginal

It is one of the processes that, when it occurs naturally in the human being, before designing new birth procedures, has been going on for many years. It is recognized that it is one of the oldest processes and it is obvious whenever it occurs within a natural criterion. From a medical point of view, it is one of the most recommended and desired types of childbirth, of course, as long as the conditions exist.

The birth process in this case occurs when the baby, once it completes its gestation cycle, passes through the mother’s vaginal canal to go outside. Generally, as it is a natural process, the doctor in charge only waits for the baby to poke its head out and holds it so that the baby itself continues the process of natural childbirth.

It is important to note that this type of delivery is somewhat painful for the mother. It is also important that she collaborates in this process by having to push constantly and intensely at the time the doctor indicates it. Once the baby is born, the mother will have to rest for a few days to recover a little due to the issue of nutrients and the accommodation of the hip.

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