Types of Butterflies

Butterflies areoneof the most beautiful insects displayed in nature. Within science they are known as ”lepidoptera“, which refer to those insects that are of the ”holomatébolos” type, that is, they areflying insects at first, they developed into larvae first becoming caterpillars and then butterfliesas they are usually known.

According to some data, it is estimated that there are around 165,000 different species of this insect. One of the most famous and/or well-known is the so-called “Female Ornithoptera alexandrae”, which occurs a lot in the Nueva Guinea region, which has as a characteristic that attracts a lot of attention, the fact that it can measure up to 30 centimeters. .

Types of butterflies

By the time they sleep

Day Butterflies

Those butterflies that have the habit of sleeping during the day are classified within this group. They have some antennas that rest vertically on the wings, allowing them to sleep peacefully without affecting their integrity since they are seasonally in one place without appearing to be sleeping due to their wings being fully open. They are receptors to any danger.

Night Butterflies

Due to the arrangement in which they sleep at night, it seems to be a kind of plague, because the antennae and bulbs of these butterflies make the wings appear and rest horizontally, which gives a plague appearance precisely when the wings are wings placed on the surface and when several of these butterflies come together they give that attractive spectacle for those who feed on them.

By size and color

Hesperid Butterflies

The size of the butterflies are usually very small, in fact, in view of people and animals, they are not usually conspicuous. In addition, the color of the wings of this type of butterfly is in the variation of shades of gray. A peculiarity of these butterflies is that the bodies are usually somewhat robust compared to other butterflies.

Libiteiid Butterflies

These butterflies are medium in size, and the wings are particularly orange in color, which is very showy. One of the particular characteristics of this type of butterfly is that they have antennae that, according to the average, turn out to be very long. In such a way that they usually come out prominently on the outside of these wings.

Large butterfly on aquatic plant

Lycaenid Butterflies

The size of this type of butterflies is usually very small. Male and female butterflies can also be distinguished. The females show brown colors while the males project bright blue colors. These are usually very striking despite the small size. A particular feature is that the larvae can provide a type of honey.

Blue butterfly with black and white lines

Nemeobid Butterflies

This type of butterflies has the particular characteristic that they are small in size and the colors resemble those of lions. They have front legs that, according to the average, are very small. Even so, they manage easily since these legs are not limiting in their behavior. They can be found with some regularity in some landscapes.

Butterfly of brown colors with black dots

Nymphalid Butterflies

Generally the size of this type of butterflies is between medium and large. In this case, the female and male butterflies can be distinguished, since the former normally have brownish colors on their wings. In the case of males, they will show colors of blue, orange, red and combined with black.

Butterfly of bright colors like oranges and yellows

Night Butterflies

These types of butterflies have brightly colored wings. They also have several scattered spots on their wings that are usually round. Due to the physical characteristics and the variety of intense color, they are usually the most beautiful that exist in all the variety that is known to date. They are really attractive to the human being.

Dull colored moth butterfly

Papilionid Butterflies

These types of butterflies are usually large. In the case of colors, they are practically very showy. You will usually find butterflies with screeching yellow wings and some white butterflies with red spots. They are usually in sight of the human being, very beautiful. A particular characteristic of this type of butterflies is that they have a tail extension.

Butterfly of yellow and black colors with blue dots

Lost Butterflies

They are the butterflies famously known as “cabbage butterflies”. They are normally medium in size and the colors he wears are an alternation between yellow and white. They are usually found in many regions of the world and even in the city. People are used to seeing them very frequently in the surroundings.

Yellow butterfly on purple flower

Satyrid Butterflies

They are known like this, those butterflies that have as a particular characteristic, the fact that the size is medium and sometimes large. Normally these types of butterflies are usually found in regions where there is not abundant vegetation. Regarding the color of the wings, they are generally black or shades of beige.

Brown butterfly with white dots


Monarch butterfly

These butterflies are the best known worldwide. In fact they are considered the most beautiful on earth. In fact, the term “monarch” is based on the premise that they are considered the queens of butterflies. The particularity of this type of butterflies is that they travel long distances from one place to another in summer and winter seasons.

Monarch butterfly resting on a branch

Blue Morpho butterfly

They have a blue coloring that is highly attractive to collectors of these insects. It is estimated that there are around eighty species of this type of butterfly, all of which can be found in the regions of South America. They settle in the forests of those areas looking to mate and, in the case of males, to defend their territory.

Bright blue butterfly-like insect

Vanessa of the thistles butterfly

They usually refer to it also as a cosmopolitan butterfly. It is usually the most common butterfly that can be found in various parts of the world. The main characteristic is that the thickness of these butterflies is an average of 9 centimeters which, according to the average, makes them very robust. Being very popular they continually die by the hand of man by not being careful.

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