Types of social work jobs

Within the work of such social we find activities to help others. For example, people who do social work are teachers, psychologists, doctors, among others.

The social work professional must be a sociable, friendly, cooperative and understanding person.

The social worker guides and educates the individuals of a population, with the purpose of helping to solve the conflicts of the same. On the other hand, he is the one who prepares social projects and programs for their subsequent execution in favor of the community.

The designs in social programs are promoted by both public and private institutions, which have the duty to return part of their earnings to society, which is carried out with the contribution for social work.

Types of social work jobs

Religious social work

Religious social work is that carried out by parishioners or believers, as well as priests, parish priests and nuns. Each of these people fight for the welfare of the community and the country to which they belong or are designated.

The help of these people transcends borders, as their work to contribute a grain of sand to those most in need reaches even international social organizations.

One of the most important people in history in terms of social work is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who in 1950 founded the Missionaries of Charity congregation, an organization that expanded to more than 500 nations around the world.

Teresa of Calcutta worked for the sick, dying, poor and orphans, so that they would have a helping hand that would guide and protect them, as well as provide them with food. For his contributions to humanity in 1979 he won the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, after his death he deserved beatification, the highest Catholic award awarded at that time by Pope John Paul II.

Social health work

Some medical professionals provide their services free of charge to community health centers, with the purpose of maintaining the health and well-being of each of their members, as well as providing a quality health service not only to the sick people, but everyone who needs health evaluations.

Some of the tasks of the social worker in the health sector are to vaccinate the entire population in the event of an epidemic, to ensure that the minors are vaccinated on time and that they have their vaccination card in order.

Health centers for social work are provided by government authorities, and sometimes by the leaders of community associations. These centers are established according to the socioeconomic level of the inhabitants.

Social work in prisons

This type of social work consists of directing behavior modification programs to the inmates of said place. The purpose of the person who exercises this job is to ensure that these people who have committed a crime in society, upon their departure, rejoin it. These people aim for the inmates to be able to do good and not return to cause harm to society.

The personnel who carry out social work in prisons are suitable for this area, since the people held there have all kinds of problems, therefore, the psychological part is needed to practice and perform a quality service.

Social work in the protection and adoption processes

The adoption of boys and girls is rigorously supervised by a social worker who protects the infants. These people must certify and guarantee that the children to be adopted will be with the right family.

The professional who performs this type of work is aimed at analyzing and guiding the child’s new parents, as well as monitoring the environment in which they will develop. These people are the ones who process, deny and approve the adoption processes.

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