Types of entrepreneurial work

The entrepreneurial work is characterized by verbal activities to influence and power over others. This type of work is characterized because the person in charge is the one who organizes, develops and creates his company or undertakes the projects of the organization for which he works.

Some professions are taken as entrepreneurial work, due to its power of conviction. These can be: Lawyer, salesperson and public relations. The individuals who carry out these activities are self-confident, ambitious, active, dominant, with good communication and the power of persuasion.

It is called entrepreneurial work because it is carried out by a person called an entrepreneur. This person is defined as one who has the ability to take the opportunities and risks to create a company. Etymologically, this word comes from the Latin prendĕre , which means to take or catch.

  • 1 Entrepreneurial work can be classified into:
  • 2 Characteristic of a person in an entrepreneurial job
  • 3 Other types of work are:

Entrepreneurial work can be classified into:

Lawyer job

The work of a lawyer consists of legally defending a party in a trial. This with the purpose of proving his innocence or guilt of the acts for which he is accused.

The person who decides to specialize professionally in the area of ​​law, in this case, the lawyer must be an individual with clear, effective and convincing communication, in addition to having vast knowledge in criminal, labor, administrative and commercial law, as well as of economy, history, politics, philosophy, among others.

Salesman job

To start any business you must have the ability to convince, this is what will allow the customer to buy the product that is offered. In this way, the person is responsible for the sale of their merchandise, which is why their form of conviction must be that of an entrepreneur.

Public relations is a branch of communication that has the objective of publicizing the good image of a company outside and within it. It achieves through the different advertisements in the media that others see the benefits and opportunities offered by said organization.

Characteristic of a person in an entrepreneurial job

  • Design your own strategies.
  • You are not afraid to take risks.
  • You have the ability to run, organize and sustain a business, without wavering and seeing your own results.
  • Has fluent communication.
  • Before others he plays a leadership role.
  • It presents innovations for the market.
  • The entrepreneur is the person who gives rise to small businesses.
  • You are self-employed.
  • They invest their own capital in the creation and development of the company.
  • You are enthusiastic, motivating and optimistic.
  • Enjoy clear ideas.

Other types of work are:

Social work

This type of work represents activities to help others. The social work professional must be a sociable, friendly, cooperative and understanding person. The social worker guides and educates the individuals of a population, with the purpose of helping to solve the conflicts of the same.

Realistic work

Realistic work consists of physical activities that require dexterity, strength, and coordination.

Live work, not objectified

This type of work is known as the work and not as the object. It is the activity that appears as a living source of value, this means that work transfers poverty as an object, but, on the other hand, it leads to wealth as an activity and subject. It is in the present tense.

Simple job

Simple work is one that does not require any special preparation from the operator, it is also known as unskilled work.

Complex work Complex work requires the special training of workers who are qualified to perform it. Complex work is conceived as simple work multiplied.

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