What are the 3 types of art?

Artistic Work

The conglomerate of activities that are done in order to achieve a goal, solve a problem or generate goods and services to address human needs is known as work. what are the 3 types of art

Work, as such, can be studied in different ways and with a focus on different disciplines such as physics, religion, economics, philosophy, among others. what are the 3 types of art

Artistic work is characterized by comprising little systematic activities to develop their creative expression.

For example painter, musician, writer, decorator. Must be imaginative, messy, idealistic, emotional.

Types of artistic works

1. Painter what are the 3 types of art

It can be done professionally or as a hobby. It is also known as a painter who, through colors, covers surfaces in order to decorate or cover them, such as house fronts, interior or exterior furniture, openings (windows and doors), interiors (internal walls), among others. what are the 3 types of art

Both can be the livelihood of those who carry it out, and be hired by third parties to do them in exchange for a price.

The decorator is an expert in the art area who works to optimize areas, offices, houses and businesses adapting them to different styles using all kinds of materials and objects.

The decorator projects the distribution of interior places together with his clients to create designs related to their needs, budget and preference. It also recommends on the style of furniture and decorative objects through drawings, illustrations or diagrams.

2. Musician

The musician is an individual who composes or plays musical pieces. In the case of composing music, the composer is referred to, while those who play may be instrumentalists (pianists, guitarists, cellists and drummers), conductors or singers.

Similarly, musicians are the ones who make musical arrangements and orchestrations. In popular music, singer-songwriters, who produce or perform songs, are common.

It is considered that the first musician was Orpheus, a figure in Greek mythology, famous for his capacity for music and for his love affair with Eurydice, whose rescue led him to go down to the Underworld.

He gave proof of his musical talent from a young age, so the god Apollo gave him a lyre, which the muses taught him to play. The lyre is the concession of Apollo and the muses, his companions.

3. Writer what are the 3 types of art

In its most extensive use, the term written is used to account for that individual who writes or is the author of any kind of written work or document, meanwhile, the word is also used to designate those people who practice writing professionally .

In other words, they dedicate their entire lives to writing printed or written documents, which are later edited by themselves or by publishing companies that sell them on the market.

A professional writer is very distinguished throughout the world for a long time. what are the 3 types of art

Without a doubt, those who have the ability to write a story have a special gift that generates admiration.

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