Simple jobs with its types

Simple work is one that does not require any special preparation from the operator, it is also known as unskilled work.

Within commodity production, all types of skilled or complex labor during the process of exchange of the different commodities are reduced to simple work and a measurement is made through it.

In the process of the creation of communist society, the high rates of increasing technical and cultural preparation and technical progress of each individual worker bring about the gradual elimination of the main difference between physical and intellectual work ; as it happens also between simple work and complex work.

In the sphere of communism, any work carried out by the workers of the society will be taken exclusively as qualified work.

  • 1 Simple work can be:
  • 2 Simple work on the streets
  • 3 Other types of work are:

Simple work can be:

Simple undifferentiated work

This work is carried out in quantities equal to the volume or use value of the work that is developed in qualitatively different activities, but that develop and produce the same exchange value regardless of the materials that are obtained but with proportion in their quantities .

In this type of work the individuality of the workers is eliminated. It is also known as abstract general work.

The simple job on the streets is to be a street vendor. These people do not have any professional training in the field of marketing, but they do manage to convince people to buy their articles.

The amount of simple labor that is needed in society defines the magnitude of the value of the commodity.

Complex work

This job requires the special training of workers who are qualified to do it. Complex work is conceived as simple work multiplied.

In more detail, one hour of the first is equivalent to several works of the second. The magnitude of the value that a commodity obtained by complex work has, no matter what it is, is defined by the amount of simple necessary and social work that corresponds to it.

Within capitalism and the simple mercantile production regime, the reduction from simple to complex labor is obtained spontaneously during the process of exchange of the commodities that exist in the market. Under the magnifying glass of socialism, this process is carried out in a planned way making use of c

conscious of the economic law of distribution, going hand in hand with the quality and quantity of the work that is invested in each member of society.

In the time in which the technique of the material basis of communism is created, the rhythms of technical progress are accelerated, the technical and cultural preparation of the workers is raised, the essential differences between physical work and intellectual work are removed.

Therefore, the boundaries between skilled and unskilled work are gradually blurred. Under communism, any job will be presented exclusively as highly skilled complex job.

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