Realistic jobs with its types

The realistic work involves physical activities that require skill, strength and coordination. This type of work goes very well with people who are shy, persistent, stable, adaptable or practical.

People who carry out the same occupation have similar personality traits, therefore they will develop more satisfactory and characteristic occupational environments because from the moment in which the occupational tasks are consistent with the personality, job satisfaction will increase.

Their skills are mechanical and they usually have less interest in occupations that involve interaction with others. This work goes very hand in hand with persistent, shy, adaptable, practical and stable people.

The types of realistic work are:


The mechanic is the generic concept given to professionals who deal with the assembly, maintenance and construction of industrial machinery and equipment. There are different types of specialized mechanics who perform specific tasks in factories and workshops for the construction of machinery and equipment.

Mechanics specialize depending on the tool or machine they use, for example: turners, adjusters, rectifiers, providers, welders, among others.


A farmer, farmer or farmer is the individual who is dedicated to the cultivation of the land in a farm, for the exploitation and extraction of the resources that originate from it. These can be fruits, food, vegetables, such as cereals, vegetables, cultivated pastures and forages, energy crops, fibers used for the textile industry, among others.

This process can be carried out on your own account or on someone else’s account. Normally to carry out the exercise of their work, the farmer makes use of machinery and tools that have been changing and evolving over time, marking the evolution in different civilizations.


The gardener is that individual who takes care of the maintenance and care of a garden. Among their occupations, gardeners preserve the bulbs or seeds that exist in the seedbed, they also cultivate the plants and flowers until they are of a correct age and sufficient to be transplanted.

Another of the gardener’s occupations is to prepare and treat the land in which the flowers will be placed, grafting, pruning, removing dead plants and flowers and replacing them with different ones, preparing and mixing insecticides and other products. to treat compost or garden pests. Plants and flowers are planted in the garden depending on the program that has been established, taking into account aesthetic criteria. Artificial grass and clods are also prepared.


The police is defined as the security force that is in charge of maintaining the security and public order of citizens through the monopoly of force. It is subject to the orders imposed by the State.

Most of the police forces are organizations of a practically military nature, their main obligation is to investigate and deter crimes against individuals or actions that disturb public order, arrest suspects and inform the competent authorities.


Architecture is the technique and art of designing, building, projecting and modifying the human environment. Including in buildings of all kinds, architectural and urban spaces and architectural structures.


Engineering is the set of technological and scientific knowledge for the invention, development, innovation and improvement of tools and techniques that seek a solution to the needs and solve the problems of society and companies.


A cook is an individual who cooks by profession and by trade. The functions within the kitchen are categorized, depending on the function of the specials and knowledge that each of the types of cook have.

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