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The objectified labor is known as abstract or concrete work and money. The merchandise and the value that work develops is found in space, in the past. It is called embodied use value or given value. The being of the commodity is value, the elemental way of wealth.

The goods are related to something that bases or explains them, this is known as value. That is, the socially necessary work time in which a commodity is incorporated.

These aforementioned terms were coined by the German philosopher Karl Marx. Dead work is the sudden and immediate consequence of the interaction that human beings carry out with their environment. In other words, it is known as the objectification or crystallization of living labor. Dead work is the medium through which living works interact.

The objectified work can be:

Dead job

The concepts of dead work were first introduced in the book The Fundamental Elements for the Critique of Political Economy, written by Karl Marx.

The deliberate and conscious interaction of the human being with its environment, which differentiates it from the animals, modifies in a particular way the natural premises of its simple existence, at the same time in which it produces and reproduces the following in two ways:

  • Direct form:  The extent to which the interaction with nature establishes social relationships that lead him to modify his social being.
  • Indirect form:  The process in which the modification of their natural environment also modifies them in their biological being.

Human work is known as the relationship between conception or projection and in execution or modification. This is why its activity is not reproduced in an extended way under the conditions that previously exist, but rather produces them in the manner of new conditions or artificial conditions.

Other types of work are:

Salaried or dependent work

In this type of work, the relationship that exists between the employer and the employee is specified through a contract in which the hiring conditions, the forms of payment and the salary are determined. The employer is hired with the objective of being part of the organized productive activities, in order to produce money.

Unregistered work

It is also known as informal work. It is the relationship that exists between the employer and the employee in which there are no legal formalities, therefore the requirements defined in the regulations are not carried out.

Informal Simple Survival Work on Your Own Account

This type of work is carried out by the person on their own and their productivity is extremely low. It does not have any kind of formality.

I work with secondary education

The person has the ability to carry out tasks that are necessary in his position, therefore he applies the knowledge that he has acquired previously.

Unskilled work

To carry out this type of work, no training or training is necessary at all, they can be developed and carried out by anyone.

Semi-skilled work

It is necessary to have specific knowledge to be able to be taken to the field of handling heavy machinery.

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