Live jobs, not objectified

The not objectified living labor is known as work and not as the object.

It is the activity that appears as a living source of value, this means that work transfers poverty as an object, but, on the other hand, it leads to wealth as an activity and subject. It is in the present tense.

It is the force of work that is executed, the productive expenditure that is carried out with a specific purpose of physical and mental energy by man. Living labor, along with the other means of production, is a condition that is needed in the production process.

It originates new products and is in constant materialization with them. In the process of product creation, living work is connected to accumulated and past work to increase the wealth of society.

Non-objectified living work can be:

Free work

Within socialist society, free labor consists of workers doing their work for society and for themselves.

The effectiveness of living labor is conditioned by the level of development of the producers themselves and the means of production. By developing the technique, living labor has the ability to function within similar working time intervals, carrying out a mass of means of production that increases with the process.

In bourgeois society, the increase in the efficiency of living labor produces greater wealth in the capitalists and impoverishment in the workers. Within the socialist environment, this increase is needed so that the cultural and material well-being of all the people can grow, makes it possible to reduce the working day and increase the wealth of society.

The creation of the technical and material basis of this ideology increases the efficiency of living labor and its productivity, until they are used as a condition in the integral development of the human being.

Living labor in commodity production

Within commercial production, living labor has a double character due to its concrete aspect. This reflects the value of the means of production that are consumed in the commodity and in the abstract aspect, it originates a new value in the antagonistic social and economic class formations.

The living labor of the producers is the main source of existence for those who work and also for those who exploit them.

Characteristics of Fetishism and Capitalism in living labor, not objectified

The fetishism of the commodity summarizes the separation of the one who produces the means of production, in an apparent way and in concrete domination of dead labor over living labor. It establishes a social relationship that is perceived as a relationship between things through individuals.

The separation of the producer from the means of production is clearly expressed in capitalism, where the complete separation of the individual producer related to the means of production is conceived as the precondition for capitalist exploitation to exist. This is created in the social antagonism of the bourgeoisie, the proletariat and the class that takes over the means of production in the form of capital.

The proletariat is perceived as the class dispossessed of any means of production and which is forced to offer its living labor as a commodity.

Within capitalism, the appropriation of the environment becomes cumulative and absolute alignment. This means that it is a way of production in which the human being is used as an instrument to develop other instruments, instead of being used as an instrument of human development.

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