Types of Structures

The term structure is derived from the Latin “strusctura”, which refers to the order that prevails in the arrangement of certain components in relation to a whole . That is, the word structure refers to a conformation of elements that are joined together in order to be supported by the structures themselves.

This word is referred to when speaking of a framework that supports a particular building. This is supported by the use of a series of anchors that function as moorings, which helps to prevent the weight of the structure itself from falling to the ground.

Classification of structures according to their origin

Natural structures

It is thus known that form of structure that occurs without the direct intervention of the human being. These are created by nature itself and can be seen in places such as sea corals, mountains, stalactites, among others.

Artificial structures

In this case, reference is made to all that structure in which the human being intervenes, manifesting his creation in the buildings. They are normally the result of pillars, walls, buildings, among others.


Types of structures

Mobile structures

This defines those forms of structures that, regardless of their construction, can move from one place to another without having to affect the structure itself. In order to move this structure, man makes use of certain joints such as wheels. As an example of this type of structure we have the skeletons and a drawbridge.

Ship crossing movable bridge

Fixed structures

Contrary to the previous case, here the structures cannot be moved from one place to another. That is to say, a displacement is impossible, so it will remain indefinitely in the place of establishment or construction. As an example we can mention the construction pillars.

Greek columns made of stone

Mixed structures 

It is the result of a combination of the previous forms of structures, that is, there are some fixed structures and other mobile ones. As a characteristic example of this type of structure, we have tables that have wheels on two of their four legs or it can be a bridge that one of its modules is movable.

highway bridge made of steel

Frame structures

They are structures that were made from a concrete material. Currently, this type of structure is widely used in the construction industry. In addition, another type of material is being used, such as steel, which allows the construction to be more rigid.

Crane made of steel to lift heavy objects

Massive structures

They are structures in which a variety of materials are used, avoiding some type of space; An example of this is the creation of pyramids.

pyramid made of stone

laminated structures

They are made up of a series of sheets that are interspersed with each other according to the needs of the construction. Clear examples of this we have the bodywork of cars.

opera house

Triangulated structures 

It refers to that series of structures arranged in a triangular shape, made for aesthetic or functional purposes.

ifel tower made of steel

vaulted structures

They are structures that are built in the form of arches or vaults. Actually the arches are a continuation of the vaults in a construction sense. As a whole, they try to give greater space to certain architectural provisions. It was widely used in the construction of cathedrals, particularly in the Middle Ages.

Cathedral ceiling with heraldic shields

Hanging structures

They are structures designed to support bridges and for this purpose cables are used that have the specific function of being able to support the weight of the bridge itself. They even have the ability to stretch if required.

suspension bridge for cars

Types of structures by their location or utility


It is a vertical bar, which has the function of being able to support the load and/or weight of the rest of the parts of a structure or building. It is referred to when talking about posts or columns. For their construction they are based on resistant materials such as marble and steel. They are manufactured in the form of a rectangle or squares for use in assemblies.

stone columns


It has the function of supporting the weight of the structure through its length. They are made from materials such as concrete, stone, bricks and others.

wall made of stone


It is thus named to a piece arranged in the form of a bar in a horizontal position, which has the function of being able to support bending weights, in constructions.

Heavy-duty metal frame


They are also called tensors, they have the function of being able to contain the traction efforts that are generated in a construction. For this purpose, steel cables, ropes of materials such as wood or iron in the form of chains are used.

Heavy-duty metal frame


They are parts of a structure that fulfill the function of giving people access from one place to another where nature prevents normal traffic, such as the presence of some rivers or any other form of cliff.

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