Types of strategies

The term strategy is referred to in a general way to the implementation of a series of steps that an executor must carry out in order to achieve a previously outlined objective . Hence, it is also known as a form of planning that a person or group does to achieve the proposed goals.

The idea of ​​a strategy began to develop within military activities, which have been improved during the history of wars. Faced with such a situation, the armies involved constantly saw the need to design and implement a whole series of actions that would allow them to achieve victory over the enemy. Thus, a clear idea of ​​strategy began to be coined, which was later applied to other areas.

The strategy as an idea in itself deals with the application of a series of ideas that seek to apply prior knowledge of the area in order to resolve a series of conflicts involved in that field of study. A key example at this point is the game of chess.

What makes the application of a predefined strategy possible is to follow a line of action and, if necessary, change their course in order to overcome obstacles and obtain a better advantage of the conflict or problem in question.

Types of business strategy

Competitive or business strategy

In order to implement this type of strategy in a company, it is first necessary to have a business plan. In said plan, the guidelines that must be followed to penetrate the market, know the competitors, and determine those external factors of the competition that allow it to be a better option in the business community are set out.


Corporative strategy

It seeks to define a specific action that delimits the strategic action of the organization based on the stated objectives, specific definition of the mission and vision of the organization itself, as well as the values ​​to be implemented as its cultural traits. This is what gives it an identity that allows it to compete with the rest of the organizations.

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Functional strategy

It specifically defines the aspects that are key for an organization to efficiently execute the actions that are entrusted to each part of the organizational structure. The areas that must be covered for this purpose are those of each department such as marketing, finance, technology, distribution channels, logistics and the development of products or services.

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Types of marketing and advertising strategy

approach strategy

It is a strategy modality that is clearly designed to take advantage of the opportunities that can be found within the market before the competition, according to the products or services offered.

Once he manages to detect those opportunities, he will try to take full advantage of them through market penetration that allows him to beat the competition in sales levels. In addition to the opportunity to find new markets in which there is the possibility of not finding competition, which generates greater profitability for the organization itself.

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Stability strategy

The main objective of this type of strategy is to stop the negative trend that is manifested in the sales levels of an organization. To reverse this trend, the technique of improving sales conditions and improving the company’s own assets is used. Among the various actions that can be carried out is the reduction of costs, reorganization of the company or expansion of the product line.

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Cost leadership strategy

The focus is on optimizing product costs, trying to reduce them as much as possible without affecting the quality of the product or service itself. This is a strategy that can generate results, especially in a market in which the consumer follows the price strategy a lot.

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Differentiation strategy

What is sought to achieve by this means is to make a difference within the market before the consumers themselves. For this, it is necessary to implement a series of specific actions that range from the application of added value to the products or services offered or other strategies that range from advertising techniques to marketing.

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Other types of strategies

Learning strategy

In this type of strategy, what is sought is to design a series of mechanisms that help the teacher to make the student take full advantage of the content seen in class.

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Growth strategy

It is intended to effectively introduce new products to a competitive market or the continuous improvement of products or services that already exist today. These modifications will allow better competition and an increase in the sales levels of the organization itself.

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Alliance strategy

They are applied between people or groups that pursue the same interests and who consider that alliances are necessary at that time to deal with a given situation. Generally, these types of situations are seen in political groups, business associations and the governments of different countries. They all reach a single consensus for an action plan that they must implement in a coordinated manner.

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International strategies

It is applied at the organizational, governmental or business level where borders should not be an impediment to the performance of certain actions or operations that will be carried out jointly by all members of the international order.

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