Types of roof tiles

The tile is that piece that is part of the construction industry that has the purpose of being the cover of some buildings , as the case may be. The idea of ​​using this type of construction instrument is not only to give buildings a beauty but also to make them river, snow or hail channels.

As there are different types of tiles, each one of them will use the material element that corresponds to it, in addition to the fact that there are shapes of tiles of different formats and sizes, as the case may be. There are those that are smooth, curved, ribbed, irregular; and the materials that are used are glass, clay, stone, asphalt; among others.

From the historical point of view, it is known that the oldest roof tiles were implemented in the period of the classical Greeks, using thin ceramic plates, which can be found in some buildings corresponding to that period and which are still preserved. Over time, other materials, shapes and textures were implemented.

Types of roof tiles

Steel roof tiles

Among the main characteristics of this type of tiles is the fact that they turn out to be highly light, they are also usually very resistant to high temperatures. They are also ideal for use in very humid places, in areas where the saltpeter of the sea is very recurrent and where there is constantly snow. In places where these types of weather conditions are found, it is ideal.

Pottery tiles

They are also known as ceramic tiles. This is so, due to the fact that it is necessary for their production to be covered with ceramic material. The immediate benefit of this type of tiles is that they offer high resistance to protection against inclement weather that may occur. They are widely used in the construction industry.


Asphalt shingles

In this case, we have the tiles that, due to their own characteristics, allow the construction that has them to act as a temperature insulator; mainly heat. To achieve this type of tile, different materials are used in a mixture of glass, organic fiber, sand and asphalt. These are easy to install and are highly resistant to intermittent weather.

They can be found in a wide variety of colors, which allows the builder or the owner of the house to have a wide variety of possibilities of design and beauty. The rule is usually applied that in places with very cold climates, colors with dark tones are used, otherwise in areas with high temperatures.


Brick house


Copper roof tiles

For the manufacture of this type of tiles, copper in its purest state is used as a material. This gives it benefits such as the hardness and durability of these tiles, they do not usually rust over time and they turn out to be capable of being molded in ways that allow a design that adds beauty to the construction. It is widely used in buildings with a high degree of architectural complexity.

canadian parliament

Colonial tiles

One of the main characteristics of this type of tiles is that they are very bright for people to see. As for the design itself, it gives the builds an air of sophistication, compared to other models. These models turn out to be the most traditional of their kind. When placed in the designated areas, it is easy to overlap one another, facilitating assembly.

Colonial house

Concrete and clay roof tiles

One of the important benefits offered by this type of tile is that precisely because of the material used in its manufacture, it is highly waterproof for constructions that have it. In addition to being resistant, they usually function as a fire retardant resource. Among the benefits that are feasible to find is the fact that they can be installed in the desired areas with some ease.

Fiber cement roof tiles

For the manufacture of this type of tiles, what is known as mineralized fiber is used as a material, accompanied by cement material. One of the benefits they offer is that they are highly resistant to the pulling process. They are ideal for use in those constructions that, due to environmental characteristics, turn out to be very aggressive for the deterioration of said constructions.

Wooden house

French roof tiles

From an architectural point of view, this type of tiles corresponds to a style that gives the construction an air of luxury. The buildings with these tiles turn out to be visible, sophisticated and elegant. It is ideal to use these in styles similar to French. Although it should not be reduced to that single architectural possibility. It will be up to the builder and/or owner to decide whether or not to apply this tile model.

colored roof tiles

Wood shingles

As the name indicates, the material used for the production of this type of tiles is precisely wood. These must be highly resistant due to the use that will be given to them in construction. They must at the same time be light for proper handling in the installation on the ceilings. The material allows the application of designs with a good finish.

By the nature of their use, these must be highly resistant to moisture. They turn out to be more resistant than the tiles known as slate and ceramic. The challenge is that in this case, continuous maintenance is required to avoid deterioration, precisely because over time, the wood suffers certain effects due to the weather and the outside environment.

wood shingles

Norman roof tiles

In this case, the tiles have the main characteristic that their shape bears a close resemblance to a blackboard. This characteristic gives the builder the possibility of giving a certain degree of sobriety to the place. And it is that when observing the roof already with the installation of these tiles, a sequence of lines will be shown that give simplicity to the structure itself.

thin tiles

Portuguese roof tiles

Due to the characteristics of this type of tile design, it gives the buildings that have it a traditional architectural style. Due to their design, they are easy to assemble with each other, giving the whole roof a beautiful uniform view. It is generally impossible for water, air or light to leak.

Orange ceramic roof tiles

Glass tiles

The material that predominates in this type of tiles is precisely glass. This model is applied in constructions where it is desired that the interior of said buildings be widely illuminated. This is possible because these tiles allow the passage of light. One of the characteristics is that they turn out to be very heavy and are of high risk in their use.

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