Types of Promotion

Promotion is part of what is known as the marketing mix, which is generally responsible for designing a series of strategies to make certain products and/or services known in order to penetrate a new market or motivate the consumer. increased sales for the company . These strategies are implemented from a series of techniques offered by marketing.

With these strategies and the application of specific techniques, the aim is to carry out a series of actions aimed at persuading and motivating the acquisition of a specific good or service. These actions are aimed at a specific market niche. To achieve all this, they rely on various channels such as advertising in different media, public relations, sales, among others.

Types of promotion


The strategy focuses on the exchange of a wrapper or package of a certain product that is “traded” for another. On some occasions, a symbolic amount is also requested. In the best of cases, if they present such wrappers or packages, the price of any product they wish to buy is lowered. It is an old promotional strategy that is still valid.


What this type of promotion seeks is to implement a series of marketing strategies and techniques, to support the production activities of the company itself so that the good itself reaches the final consumer, passing through the entire value chain. One of the most common actions regardless of the product life cycle is to make a series of discounts.


These marketing strategies are implemented at various stages of a value chain and in various distribution channels. What is sought is to prevent the average stock level of the merchandise from being saturated. The latter can be due to the decrease in sales levels, for this reason, the product must be promoted so that it is purchased and the stock decreases.


Sales force

The sales force team plays a very important role in increasing the consumption of the good or service they are promoting. The promotions that they implement are based on offering, for example, frequent customers, reward cards so that they accumulate points for frequent consumption and are rewarded for free when redeeming said points.

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When a company detects that the seasonal products were not sold as they had estimated and/or they want to drastically reduce the stock, they carry out liquidation sales where discounts are considerably reduced. This, so that regardless of whether the products are not in season, people buy them.

Internet sale


It is a type of promotion in which a promoter offers consumers a sample of their products for them to try while she points out the advantages and benefits that it offers. It is a direct way of stimulating and influencing the purchase decision towards the consumer. She probably hadn’t thought of buying it and with the sample she was convinced.


When the marketing department detects, through a series of market surveys or consumer behavior studies, that the logo, brand or design of the package wrapper is no longer impressive in terms of neuro-sales, the decision is made to change them in order to increase brand identity or branding, as it is known.

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In this type of promotion, what is done in a given season or period of time, is to offer products in which some surprises and/or gifts can be found for consumers. It is very effective especially in the child market niche. Children insist that their parents buy them a certain product because they want the surprise.


This strategy is used in many places, preferably in restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment companies. What is sought is for the consumer to return to the place and exchange those points for any of the products or services offered by said business. There is also the possibility that you can give them to other people and they visit said place. It is a very effective strategy to increase visitors.

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These types of promotional strategies are aimed at the idea of ​​directly attracting potential customers who have already gone through a series of steps from being prospects to recurring consumers. The objective, to encourage the purchase of a good or service. That from the internal point of view, with regard to the external part, that is, to the competition, what is done is to differentiate itself from it.

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