Types of plans

It is known as a plan a series of ideas that the human being takes into account to carry out a series of steps that allow him to achieve the previously stated objective . It is applied by its very nature in many fields of knowledge. It is established from the elaboration of a project embodied in a document that serves as a reference in the process of the implementation of the plan.

For example, in the area of ​​engineering, these plans correspond to a project in which, in a timely manner, all the activities that must be carried out for the construction process of a real estate or any other type of structure are detailed. Generally, the projects integrate a series of plans in which the measurements and distribution of spaces are detailed with precision.

Types of plans

Administrative Plans

These plans reflect a series of strategies that are expected to be applied in any type of organization to adequately manage, precisely, human, material and financial resources. It allows the development of a series of activities in a consistent manner that will allow the organization to achieve the goals that were set out in a business plan, for example.

Hosting Plans

These plans have the central function of allowing an adequate administration of the room layout and the continuous evaluation of the quality services of industries such as the hotel sector. It also evaluates the benefits and possible improvements in relation to the packages that this tourism sector offers.

Economic Plans

This type of plan corresponds to an area devoted to financial and economic aspects. That is to say, the plans of this item allow an adequate management of monetary resources in institutions such as companies or other types of organization. It is a preponderant plan in the economies and their policies in the governments of each country.

The economic plans clearly indicate the strategies that must be carried out in a timely manner to optimize the functioning of the economic policies and the adequate implementation of the budgets. These plans are carried out with a short, medium and long-term approach, in which progress is periodically evaluated and adjustments are made if necessary.


Strategic plans

These types of plans seek to facilitate the decision-making task that every person in charge of an organization is subjected to on a daily basis. Every type of organization has or should have a strategic plan. Being clear about the steps that must be taken into account is crucial to be clear about the direction the organization is taking and not lose the organization in achieving its objectives.

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Study Plans

It is a project that serves both the teaching staff and students to monitor the progress and the content that will be seen in class hours so that through continuous evaluations it is approved that they have already acquired certain basic knowledge. Complying with the class hours established in the educational plan allows the student to obtain a document that endorses the course at the school.

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Investment Plans

In this case, it is sought in detail to specify how the financial resources of an organization will be managed. This from the point of view of constant evaluations that allow detecting areas of opportunity for investors who make their own capital grow. Both the return on investment and the level of risk that exists must be evaluated as a priority.

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Sampling Plans

In this type of plan, the procedures and methodologies that are going to be implemented to obtain information regarding the study of a phenomenon to a sample population are established in a timely manner. This seeks to determine the perception of product quality, acceptance of an idea, brand or profile of a public person. It obeys a statistical aspect.

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Business plans

It focuses in particular on the business sector. That is to say, it is a document in which the strategies, tactics, techniques, material, human and financial resources are clearly reflected; goals, objectives and other factors that are key in the development and gradual growth of the business internally and externally. A business plan reflects the vision of investors.

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Work Plans

It clearly delimits the works that will be installed in the assigned place and time at a defined time. These types of plans are used by both public and private organizations. In these projects, the stages of construction of the works are clearly delimited, budgets that will be assigned with the resources to be used. Everything is clearly detailed to avoid any kind of mistake or mishap.

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Operating Plans

Within an organization, these types of plans are designed specifically, according to the needs, of each department, for example, in a company. These are derived from the strategic plans that complement each other. Here are the actions that will be carried out in a concrete way so that the gear of the organization flows effectively.

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Pension plans

In these plans comes into play the future of people who at some stage in their lives have to stop working because they have legally reached the productive age as a worker. Any type of organization to which a person belongs, whether public or private, has the obligation to capture a portion of the worker’s income to make up his pension. The plan defines times and amounts.

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