Types of Office

The office is called the space destined within a company or office within the labor sector, with the purpose of carrying out in it a whole series of activities that range from the management of administrative matters to tasks related to the job that is occupied in said office. It is therefore a particular area of ​​work.

All kinds of administrative tasks focused on planning, developing, implementing and evaluating business and/or organizational actions are carried out in it in order to achieve the objectives set in said organization. Other activities carried out in the offices have to do with the preparation and presentation of reports. It even works for business meetings.

For these tasks to be carried out properly, it is necessary that the offices have the necessary equipment and stationery. This is necessary since it is one of the components that directly affect the performance and productivity of employees. That is why it is necessary that you also have the necessary furniture and a pleasant space for work.

Office types

Open Offices

They are thus known to that office format in which both the person in charge of the office and their employees, regardless of their rank; They have direct contact that optimizes labor relations. In addition, it is due to the nature of this type of office, an exchange and direct attention between the offices and the users or the general public that require the attention of the office staff.

This type of office is used above all in companies where customer service is an important part of their daily activity. It is also possible to find this type of office within some government institutions such as where public services are paid. Direct contact between offices and people is through windows.

Centralized Offices

In this office format, the idea that the activities are carried out under the direction of a person who precisely keeps a detailed control of each of the activities both to be carried out and carried out comes into play. A strong power of authority falls on the person in charge of that office. The responsibility for everything to work properly is very high.

Closed Offices

They are offices whose main characteristic is that they are more private in terms of those who have contact with the staff of said office. Generally, the personal relationship occurs between the members of the company who can communicate personally or by other means of communication. Privacy is an essential element in these offices.

Brief meetings are generally held between subordinates and heads of different areas to reach agreements or, where appropriate, receive any series of indications. Generally, the issue of their responsibilities requires a greater concentration, so the offices are permanently closed and a secretary is in charge of managing the visits and agendas.


Closed office


Conventional Offices

This is the name given to those offices whose main characteristic is the fact that they occupy a small space. From the point of view of the way in which an infrastructure occupies, we have that it is arranged in a series of rows where the same offices are located. There is a board-based division between each employee with the premise of avoiding all kinds of distraction.

minimalist office

Offices type Departments

Those offices that at the same time have a series of subdivisions, according to the departments that fall under that office within an organizational structure, are known as such. Each of the departments has its own responsibilities and tasks that are based on the general and specific objectives of the office itself. The employment relationship is given in a matrix manner.


Executive Offices

They are offices that are adequately equipped for the proper management of a company, in addition to the actions corresponding to what is estimated in the organization chart and position manual, in each of the offices. They can even be rented for a certain time if desired so as not to have this type of office in the infrastructure or when you are in another place.

modern office

Group Offices

They are those offices intended within an organization, for group purposes, that is, that can be occupied by a certain group of people. For this reason, it is necessary to have the necessary resources and furniture for the correct performance of the people. It is a type of office that is booming due to the creative and innovative potential it brings to the environment for employees.

group offices

Modern Offices

Reference is made to offices that, in addition to being clean and adequately furnished; It has first class office equipment and technology. This facilitates the tasks of the office. Another issue that is taken into account to consider an office as modern, are the comforts that the worker finds, allowing him to reduce stress during his working day.

executive office

Virtual Offices

The main characteristic is that it is based on the use of technology as a means of communication. Not only that, but other tasks that can be carried out remotely between various collaborators of a company are supported, such as the subject of meetings. In it you can also manage a work agenda, and it is possible not to be strictly inside an office but at home working.

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