Types of load

The word load has a variety of connotations this word. One of the most common is when referring to the transport of goods, through a vehicle of various types and even through a type of animal trained for it . It is also referred to that a person transports any merchandise.

The type of merchandise that can be transported through some type of cargo is, among other things, that merchandise that meets a commercial purpose. They can be animals, household products, food and even people who travel.

load types

Heavy machinery

It is a type of specialized cargo transport, that is, its function is to move large and heavy machinery from one place to another, which are basically for use in the construction industry.


This type of load refers to all kinds of material that is closely related to the strictly automotive industry. In other words, it is a type of cargo that aims to deliver the parts or materials of the car to similar companies. There are also those that take the final product to car sales companies.


Valuable cargo

This type of cargo occurs when the merchandise involved in the transfer has a high cost or value. Among the merchandise that can be classified here are your own money, so-called works of art, high-value jewelry products, to mention the most common.

Therefore, for the transfer of this type of merchandise, those in charge of transport use vehicles that offer high security in the transfer and at the same time are guarded by security agents, whether public or private, inside or outside the vehicle itself; so that they are not stolen.

White armored truck

Refrigerated cargo

These types of cargo involve merchandise related to the pharmaceutical industry and, above all, food products. The main characteristic of this transport is that it is necessary for the vehicles to have a refrigeration system in order to maintain the products in the appropriate temperatures and conditions.

ice cream truck

Dangerous Cargo

Here it is required that the transfer of merchandise is regulated under a strict security and monitoring system through highly qualified people and the necessary technology for these purposes.

It happens that products are normally carried from one place to another that can highly affect the environment and even put people who are directly affected by these products at high risk, and therefore, in the event of an accident, it is necessary to have a highly qualified response protocol for security.

Trailer that transports a gasoline pipe

Bulk cargo

This type of cargo involves goods that are necessarily moved in large quantities and for this, the vehicle is used as a kind of container.

In them, goods are transferred in liquid or solid state, depending on the type. In the first group we have as an example gasoline, compressed natural gas or oil, among the most common. In the case of solid products, the range is much broader, that is, they include cement, wood, beans, clothing, among others.

Dump truck transporting stones

General loads

Here are the products with a common feature; they do not represent a high risk in their transfer. They are products that do not have a limited life stage, they can be taken to a packaging process or even loaded outdoors.

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