Types of insurance

Insurance is the process in which an institution that acts as an insurer offers a certain coverage with respect to a good or service, with respect to the insured, with the purpose of responding with a certain amount as a form of compensation , in case said good or service is negatively affected in whole or in part.

Types of insurance

Personal accident insurance

This is a type of insurance that a person contracts for their own benefit, before an insurer so that in the unfortunate event, when suffering a type of accident, the same insurer compensates them for the corresponding economic amount. This makes the person in question feel safe if, for example, due to his accident, he cannot work for a period of time. He will have money.

School insurance

The intention of this type of insurance is to protect the children of the person who contracts said insurance, in which in the event that the person dies, the same beneficiaries can have a contribution agreed in the contract so that they can continue with their studies. . It is a type of insurance that guarantees, in a certain way, access to education for children.

Fire insurance

It is understood that it is a type of insurance offered by insurers for people to protect their housing assets and other types of constructions against possible accidents where said structures catch fire. This works like a mortgage guarantee when the property in question has suffered partial or total damage from a fire.

Materials Insurance

In this type of insurance that both a person and an organization, under their own interests, decide to contract, what is sought is that there is monetary protection against possible damages that may occur in the person or structure of some objects partially or totally. . We find in them insurance such as agricultural, theft, transport, fire, home and automobile.


Property Insurance

This type of insurance is contracted by a person or organization in order to be able to protect the interests of its assets that have been insured, that is, it protects itself from some risks that it may face, such as partial or total loss of property or people. . In them we find, among others, business, professional, credit, product insurance.


Office building


Personal insurance

In this case, the insurance directly protects a person who precisely bought insurance of this type, to protect himself partially or totally, against a type of accident that causes him to lose some member of his body or be limited in his capabilities. There is also coverage for death of the person. In them we find life insurance, health insurance and others.

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Health insurance

This type of insurance, what it seeks is to cover a person who, by contracting said service in an insurer, has the monetary benefit through a corresponding compensation, when this requires in the attention of a health assessment, medical expenses , hospitalization or some medications or other pharmaceutical-type products are required.

Surgery performed by the medical team

Vehicle or car insurance

It is a type of insurance offered by most insurers where they offer the client the possibility that if necessary, for example, a traffic accident, such damage to the car is covered. It can also cover compensation if the same vehicle has been stolen. This allows the owner of the car to have some peace of mind in the face of the risk that he may run with his car.

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Life insurance

When a person hires this type of insurance, he puts at his discretion, some beneficiaries, which in case the person who bought the insurance dies. Said beneficiaries will be compensated for the corresponding amount that has been agreed upon by the person and the insurer in the insurance contract. It is important to point out that said contract establishes the causes of death to be covered.

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Life insurance with savings

When a person contracts this type of life insurance, he knows that the beneficiaries he assigns in his contract will not only benefit through compensation if the cause of death warrants it, but they will also have as an additional benefit that they have at your disposal an amount of money that is the result of a joint savings plan.

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