Types of Hotels

Hotels are commonly known as those establishments that within the tourism sector are aimed at a specific market niche such as the tourist or vacationer . It is a service that offers a way to stay in places that are attractive for tourists to visit. The main service is accommodation in rooms, however, they offer other services.

Hotels accommodate not only vacation travelers but also those who, due to their work or profession, require a stay of several days in a place other than their origin and need a place to rest and/or continue working comfortably. In a basic way, the accommodation service has a bed, wardrobe and bathroom service.

Types of hotels

City ​​hotel

They are also known as urban type hotels; and they are generally built near what is considered to be the historic center of each city. This makes it easier for tourists to be close to tourist destinations in cities. Of course it is ideal for those who travel for business reasons where they can take a short break and get to know the city.

Beach Hotel

It refers to those hotels that are geographically built near tourist destinations where the attraction is the beaches. They are ideal hotels for those who want to spend a vacation in these places. Sometimes the tourism sector offers packages known as tours where hotel service is included.

These hotels, which are also known as resorts, have the peculiarity that they have several swimming pools where people can swim if they do not want to do so in the sea. They also have other services such as dance floors and bars; in addition to small outdoor restaurants. It is an excellent option for families.


Low cost hotel

The services offered by this type of hotel are very limited and quite cheap. They are generally located near urban locations and are ideal for people who just want to sleep and be close to a meeting place that may be far from other types of hotels. Not because they are low cost, the limited services are of poor quality.

cheap city hotel

Nature Hotel

They are hotels located near destinations or places that are highly attractive and can be related to the nature of the place. They are generally located near ecological reserves or natural parks that give tourists the opportunity to visit and learn more about what nature itself offers. There is the possibility of staying for long periods in these hotels.

Hotel in ecological reserve

Airport Hotel

They were built near airports to satisfy a need for people who need to use airports and want to be close to them so that the journey is not too long and tiring. They are also used when it is necessary to make stops for one night or days at an airport that is not the traveler’s final destination.

Airplane on runway about to take off

Hotel type hospitals

The market niche in this case is very specific, it is aimed in a particular way at patients who have to travel to places outside the city to attend a hospital for the same health needs. This type of hospital also has the services of a hotel, with medical equipment and personnel in case its use is required.

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