Types of flooring

Pavements are flat surfaces that, within a city or highway complex, serve  for cars to move efficiently and in good condition . Said pavement is made through an asphalting process (as the most common technique), for which cement and/or tar is used as the predominant material.

This means that the material that is used as fill in determined and delimited extensions of land will be considered pavement. It is not strictly to be implemented on streets and/or highways. It can also be the ground of a housing complex or any other type of infrastructure. There are, depending on the material and shapes, different types of pavements.

Types of flooring

Articulated Pavement

It is a special pavement that is developed through the use of cobblestones that overlap each other, assembling in their forms. They are accompanied by some layers of sand and other materials according to their needs, such as brick and/or stones. It is important for the development of this type of pavement that concrete is available first, since it will be the base.

It is ideal for use in spaces such as sidewalks and/or patios of houses, in parks or gardens. This is so since they often fulfill a function of adornment or embellishment of the place intended for that purpose. On these surfaces it is unusual for them to have a constant flow of vehicles. In most cases this is avoided. Only pedestrian crossing is allowed.

Asphalt pavement

This type of pavement has that name for the reason that a material called asphalt is used as a material to build the pavement. Asphalt is a type of material that is obtained by processing petroleum into a black, crystalline mineral form. For the use of this mineral in the pavement, it is accompanied by sand, lime and other materials.

It is one of the first types of pavements that were used in modern times. It has the peculiarity of being somewhat rustic and little by little it is falling out of use. The advantage it has is that they are usually highly resistant pavements supporting large vehicles such as the so-called trailers.


Ceramic flooring

Ceramic is used as the predominant material for this type of flooring. What is done precisely with this material is to overlap each of the pieces of ceramic and fill it with concrete material that serves to fix them. It is similar to the use of stone pavements. They are generally used on the floors of houses or other buildings, giving the floors beauty and shine.

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Flexible Pavement

It is a type of asphalt that has the particularity that it develops very easily, since it is actually a type of layer that is applied to the asphalt when it is in a rocky state. Due to the characteristics of this type of pavement, the pavement is susceptible to damage by heavy vehicles.

Straight way

Printed concrete flooring

The material used for this purpose in the construction of pavements of this type is concrete. What is done is once the material is used to form the surface of the pavement, a stamping finish is used to give it beauty. The surface features offer a low relief texture giving texture versatility.

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Wood flooring

As its name indicates, the material used for these purposes is precisely wood. It is important to point out that a wide variety of forms and types of wood are used for this purpose, depending on the needs of the person who uses this type of flooring. Generally, the criterion is based on the aesthetics and resistance of the material.

Wood Floor Repair

Stone pavement

The material used in this type of flooring is precisely stone. What is done is by means of a procedure to fill certain spaces with stones, a concrete or concrete surface, as the case may be, until giving it a single layer. The pavement can be irregular to a certain extent due to the surface of the stones, but they cannot be very pronounced.

It is widely used in some places such as parks or gardens. Even in some parts of streets, particularly you can find these types of streets in towns or small communities. This makes the place present an interesting beauty due to the rustic and resistant pavement. This is so because each stone presents a very particular figure.

Stone floor with drains

Rigid Pavement

For this type of flooring, a series of materials are implemented that give a high resistance to said surface. Cement predominates in these materials since it ends up being a very resistant concrete that is capable of supporting great weights of the vehicular flow. In order to give solidity to the surface, an adequate use of concrete is required.

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Semi-rigid flooring

In this case, to build a pavement of this type, a series of materials are used so that it is also rigid, at the same time it can be flexible both in its use and properties. The materials are used in the form of layers one on top of the other, seeking in it, through the combination of these materials, to give it a flexible rigidity.

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