Types of chemical equations

chemical equation is a description from a series of symbols that are used to describe a type of reaction that occurs from the use of some refractive or reactive substances, as the case may be; that occur once two or more of these elements are mixed.

What is represented in a chemical equation is the process of chemical transformation of the elements in the mixture , to explain how the desired result was achieved, which is called the product of the chemical equation.

A series of symbols will be found in a chemical equation that represent each of the elements of the chemical mixture itself and the representation of the reactions obtained.

There is reference in historical terms that the first chemical equation was written by Jean Beguin in 1615. The text refers to a Tyrocinium Chymicum.

Types of Chemical Equations

Chemical Equation of Exothermic Reactions

It seeks to represent elements that are used when seeking to release heat before a certain reaction. When these reactions occur, they release a source of intense energy through light that generates a type of heat.

If this type of reaction occurs intensely, fire and/or very high temperatures may be generated.


Chemical Equation of Substitution Reactions

They represent in the equations those molecules that, due to their properties, are capable of replacing one molecule with another according to the chemical reactive needs.

Chemical Equation of Endothermic Reactions

It seeks to represent the elements that intervene in the reactions that, contrary to the previous case, present a gradual absorption of heat. And it is precisely endothermic reactions that try to absorb energy that produces heat. The result of this is a presence of low temperatures.

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Chemical Equation of Synthesis Composition Reaction

It seeks to represent those reactions that occur when two or more chemical substances, when merged, result in a third new form of chemical reaction.

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Chemical Equation of Decomposition Reactions and Analysis

The transition between substances is represented by the process of unfolding to give it a conversion of two simpler substances. It is a reverse process to chemical processes.

Chemical Equations with Metathesis

The final result of the mixture of the reactants are called products and are represented by means of this type of equations.

Equation of Synthesis or Composition

It seeks to represent and analyze each of the elements that make up the chemical composition that generates a new product.

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Combustion Reaction Chemical Equation

Here are represented the reactions that occur before the reactions that occur through the fusion of hydrocarbon types together with oxygen, which results in what is called carbon dioxide. This type of fusion has the property of generating large masses of energy necessary for human development.

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Double Substitution Reaction Equation

They are those forms of representation of basic chemical reactions, although they are simple to capture, it is necessary to be careful in how the displacements or substitutions of some chemical elements are developed so as not to make mistakes in the equation.

Chemical Equation with Precipitation

It represents the generation of an insoluble type product, as a result of the combination of several reagents.

Quantitative Chemical Equation

It is used when it is required to represent the type of quality of classes of substances that are involved in certain chemical processes.

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Substitution Reaction Equation

It basically represents the substitution of some chemical elements in a reaction in the substances, until reaching the final product.

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Chemical Equation of Chain Reactions

They are represented by a series of chains in which each link poses a unit of the equation. It is used when analyzing free radicals which are atoms or molecules that have a valence value.

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Chemical Equations with Addition

The addition of various reactants is given in the equation. Upon merging a new chemical is introduced.

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Chemical Equations with Ionic Reactions

They represent those substances that, when dissolved in water, can present dissociations in the ions.

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Chemical Equation with Dismutation

It is formed by the composition of some reagents. The result will be the generation of compounds with two elements in oxidation state.

Redox Chemical Equation

Represents the exchange of electrons in a chemical reagent operation.



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