Types of Carbon

Carbon is an element that is part of inorganic chemistry. Its main characteristic is that it is a non-metallic chemical factor in a solid state.  This characteristic is found in practically all organic compounds and in some inorganic ones. Its chemical symbol is C and its atomic number is 6. Carbon is very abundant and there are several types.

The types of carbon are:


It is the type of carbon that is known to have great hardness, this is the product of the hybridization process called SP3. In its carbon-like structure it is shown as a “tetrahedral” shape. Among its main function, it can be a great insulator of electricity and at the same time as a semiconductor agent.



It is a type of carbon that is made up of several layers of sheets. They have carbon atoms that are superimposed in a hexagonal shape. Due to a SP 2 hybridization process, an interesting property is presented, that of being an electricity transmitting agent.

The tip of the writing pencils is made of graphite.


This type of carbon that is present in a rock, has an important variability in relation to the percentages of carbon. The average of it goes between 50% to 80% approximately. Its main characteristic is to show a black color with a shine that gives a greasy sensation. In addition, it is highly brittle and consists of so-called “compressed lignite”.


It is a type of material that has a high amount of carbon. Among its main characteristics is that of presenting a brown coloration and it has organic matter in its composition. It is an easy material to break down, something that distinguishes it from other rocks with a carbon composition.

field with peat


It is a mineral rich in carbon. In fact, it is made up of about 95% of its total makeup. Among its main characteristics is the fact that it has a highly impressive shine and hardness.

Animal carbon

This type of coal is the product of the combustion process to which the bones of animals found in the earth’s crust are naturally subjected. They are easy to use in combustion processes, precisely because of their high volatility to fire.

Coke coal

It is a type of material that is acquired from the so-called “Coal” in a distillation process, to which a material called “calcites” is added to optimize the combustion process. This procedure is used in ovens and they are subjected to high temperatures to speed up the combustion process.

Retort carbon

It is a material that is used too much in construction companies since they are a good conduction agent for electricity and heat. Among its main characteristics is the fact that they are very hard and are found in the walls of refractory material, where the so-called “Hullas” are found.

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