Types of Business

It is known as a business , any type of activity in which there is a reward in monetary terms, that is, it is profitable and generates profits . In principle, the organization, which is usually called company or company; seeks stability in income and expenses to go gradually, generate higher profits as time goes by.

In other words, the business is conceived when a favorable result is obtained in relation to the actions related to the administration of all kinds of resources of an organization. Although there is the idea that it seeks to generate profits in monetary terms, it is not reduced to just that. It also seeks to carry out all kinds of power relations.

Generally, a business seeks to provide value and goods or services within a dynamic of exchange, in relation to the community where it is established. It also generates a percentage of jobs that help families to obtain income; which can be used for the acquisition of goods or services offered by said company. Business dynamics is vital to the economy.

Business for its legal aspect

Commission Business

It is a type of entrepreneurship in which a person joins a company and decides, on their own, to sell the company’s products and/or services; thereby obtaining a percentage or fixed commission in economic value, of said commercial transaction, once it manages to close the sale. Many mothers who seek to take advantage of their time resort to this type of business modality.

Individual Business

It is about all kinds of commercial activity , in which within the business environment, a single individual decides to carry out an enterprise, a situation that generates direct benefits such as self-employment and generating the necessary income for their subsistence. At the same time, he must comply with certain legal and fiscal obligations in accordance with the provisions of the law itself.

Business Limited company

There is a capital invested by the shareholders that make up the company, each contribution will respond to actions that each of the shareholders may make or not decide to sell said shares for the established value. Although this decision is personal, it must be approved in an assembly. The shares give investors a voice and a vote in said meetings for decision making.

Global trading

Business for labor companies

It is a form of association to form a company, in which it is sought in some way to protect employees. It is found in it, a social responsibility on the part of the company. The law stipulates that when hiring employees, there must be at least 1% of these in relation to the number of shareholders.

Limited company business

In this case, we find a type of association between several investors who assume the responsibility of shareholders where they put a minimum amount to form a capital; which will allow the operation of the company. Each shareholder must participate with voice and vote in the assemblies, of each decision that is made. The responsibilities between them are limited.

People working as a team

Businesses by company size

Extraction Business

They are known as such, to those companies that have within their commercial activity, the extraction of certain goods that are found within the earth. We can find mining companies in this area, for example. Also those who extract oil. The fishing sector is also in this group. That is, they are those companies that take advantage of natural resources in a regulated manner.

Oil extraction

Big Business

These are those business and commercial organizations that have at least 250 of them on the workforce. That is the common criterion that is taken according to the law to stipulate its size. Of course, other variables such as the proportion of production or the amount of capital initially invested also come into play.

chinese workers

Indoor Business

It is directly related to the criteria of the place where the business and/or commercial activities are carried out. That is, if these are carried out within the country where it was legally installed, it is considered to be an internal company. Therefore, their sales strategies and other types of business activities are focused on the domestic market, as it is known.

Department store

Wholesale business

It is classified as such, according to the activity they carry out, that is, they are those companies that are dedicated to the purchase and sale of products, within a value chain. The sales of this type of company are directed so that other companies, in addition to acquiring their products, dedicate themselves to selling them to a final consumer; or in its case as raw material in the production process.

Industrial warehouse with cardboard boxes

Medium Businesses

They are companies that are classified like this, when the workforce has between 51 and 250 employees. In addition, another criterion is taken into account, such as the issue of revenue billing, which cannot exceed certain amounts defined in the law, according to the commercial activity they carry out. If this amount is exceeded, an audit is likely to be considered.

construction of a building

Business Microenterprise

The number of employees that this type of company must have to classify it as micro ranges from less than ten people. It is also important to take into account the item of earnings which cannot exceed certain amounts as established by law. In the event that this happens, the company is subjected to an audit process.

professional work team

Retail Businesses

In this case, the type of commercial activity they carry out is taken into account for cataloging. Normally it is related to the issue of buying and selling merchandise, inserted within a value chain in a stage of the distribution channel. That is, the same company becomes an intermediate consumer that will make a final consumer obtain the desired product or service.

Typical sales products of a country

Small business

The criterion used to define if we are dealing with a small company is that the number of employees is within the range of eleven to 50 employees. In addition, other variables are taken into account, such as the type of commercial activity they carry out and the amount of capital. Although the criterion that weighs most is the number of employees, by consensus.

waffle ice cream

service businesses

In this particular case, those companies that offer a type of service in particular, rather than a tangible good, are classified as such. They are what is defined in economics as tertiary companies. They are those companies such as hotels, restaurants, bars, travel agencies; among others.

Barber shop for men

Business for its economic activity

Primary sector

In this group are those companies that, within their business and/or commercial activities, obtain raw materials, which will serve as an exchange resource for other companies that are dedicated to the production of specific goods, for an economic amount. They are companies that are dedicated to agriculture, livestock and the fishing sector, particularly.

Logs cut and stacked

Secondary sector

In this case, they are companies that, within their activities, are responsible for transforming raw materials, with some inputs, into finished products that will be sold to a defined market. We find here companies from the industrial, textile, and iron and steel sectors; among other. They are the companies that exist in greater proportion in the entire set of companies.

Wooden chair

Third sector

They are the companies that within their activities are particularly dedicated to offering services of various kinds. Companies from the tourism sector enter here, such as hotels, bars, tourist guides, restaurants; among others. It is not just reduced to tourism. We also find those companies in the professional sector such as law firms, medical services and the like.

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