Types of blinds

The blinds are objects that are used in homes or offices generally , which are formed from a series of sheets superimposed on each other vertically or horizontally; joined by a type of thread that is minimally joined at the ends of said sheets . The latter allows the person to unfold said sheets to let in sunlight or to keep the room dark .

This is possible, thanks to the fact that these blinds are placed on the windows of the rooms of the houses or offices. There are also blinds that cover the space of the doors when they are open or you do not want to see inside or when said doors are made of transparent glass. In addition to the fact that these objects allow the entry or exit of light to be handled, they have other characteristics.

For example, they are easy to clean because dust is usually practical to remove with a single section or in some cases, if necessary, by adding a liquid. It is also a decorative object, it not only works to control the access of ambient light; which is the most used function and is the fundamental reason why these objects are acquired.

Types of blinds

Austrian blinds

From the point of view of design, this has the characteristic of being similar to the stately era. From the point of view of operation, these blinds have within their mechanism, a series of cords that are tightened at the top when it reaches the maximum and minimum stretch measurements and vice versa of the blinds. When this happens they take the shape of a petal.

Bamboo blind

The main material of this type of blinds is precisely bamboo. These are used to make mainly Roman or roller blinds. Due to the type of material used, it gives these blinds a very interesting design. Aesthetically it is attractive and can be used in practically all interior design formats that exist.


Roller blinds

In this case, a sequence of sheets is not available within its structure. Rather, it has a kind of fabric or fabric using linen or synthetic materials as materials. When you want to open the blind, you pull a mechanism that is on the side of the blind itself and it will immediately roll up. Operation can be reversed

shutter closed

Japanese blinds

One of the particular characteristics that make this type of blinds distinctive is that they have an exotic design in their paintings, which are applied to the sheets themselves. Due to its design it is ideal for use in all types of doors with a sliding system and in windows with a huge size. They turn out to be horizontal and the right and left slats slide.

house facade

Pleated Blinds

In this case we find two blinds that are superimposed on each other. One of them will have a more translucent vision while the other will be darker. This allows the person to choose the use of one or another type of blind at night and during the day according to their own needs. The most lucid one is ideal to use during the day and the translucent one at night.

closeup of the fabric

Roman blinds

This type of blinds have the particularity of being made in such a way that they can be rolled up when they are opened. So that they can be opened and closed, that is, they can be rolled up and vice versa, there is a mechanism arranged in a kind of rod that, when pulled upwards or downwards, tends to go up and/or down, as the case may be. .

double blind

Venetian blinds

These blinds are arranged horizontally. They turn out to be easy to handle due to the arrangement of the sheets. The materials with which they are normally manufactured are PVC, wood and aluminum on some occasions. One of the characteristics is that this type of opening can be adjusted by means of a rotation mechanism. This sets the minimum and maximum open-close limits.

home interior

Vertical Blinds

It is used in a special way, when among the needs of the person who acquires it is the fact that they want to regulate the entrance of light to the room where said blind will be placed. This is possible thanks to the fact that the sheets rotate vertically, reducing or enlarging the view and the entry of sunlight. The ideal material for this type of blinds is PVC.

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