Types of wars

The term war is used to define that armed dispute between two or more countries or sectors. This encompasses the elimination of a stage of peace, which becomes a struggle with all kinds of weapons and which generally produces a high number of deaths.

Wars occurred at a time of human development: with the presence of private property over the modes of production, the separation of society into opposing sectors and the appearance of the State, with institutions created specifically to fight; and in the same way that they were created from said arguments, they would be eliminated together with these premises.

  • 1 Types of wars
    • 1.1 Civil war
    • 1.2 Preventive war
    • 1.3 Holy war
    • 1.4 Cold war
    • 1.5 Chemical warfare
    • 1.6 Guerrilla warfare
    • 1.7 World War
    • 1.8 Electronic warfare

Types of wars

Civil war

A civil war consists of a warlike fight that takes place inside a country . This happens between two different segments of the same State, usually between two opposing political axes.

Civil wars are not considered armed confrontations against an external adversary, but between sections of a society that do not have military training and lack programmed strategic systems.

Preventive war

The term preventive war is used to describe the conflict started by a country with the premise that another adversary nation is preparing to fight against it. One of the main supporters of this type of confrontation was former US President George W. Bush.

A holy war is a type of conflict that is generated for religious reasons against adversaries of a faith. It is considered an extremist tool used by fundamentalist individuals belonging to a religion to justify violence.

Among the reasons that generate a holy war it is possible to highlight the notion of safeguarding a religion, its norms and the spaces that are considered sacred from those who create a risk. In the same way, the holy war is carried out with the thought of obtaining a kind of spiritual recognition.

Cold War

The Cold War was a military, political and social conflict that occurred during the end of the Second World War in 1947 until 1991, the year in which the fall of the Berlin Wall occurred.

Chemical warfare

In this type of war, chemical or biological elements that are toxic or harmful to the adversary are used. Until the end of the 20th century, chemical warfare was structured by elements such as contaminated water wells, fires, smoke to eliminate the enemy, and the spread of objects contaminated with smallpox.

Guerrilla warfare

It consists of a warlike activity or military strategy carried out by small unusual units, against an enemy army or against a specific government. Guerrilla warfare is characterized by rapid attacks on the adversary on the ground, as well as the use of traps and the detonation of buildings or bridges.

It consists of a warlike conflict that directly encompasses a large number of nations, especially the most powerful, and that puts pressure on the rest of the countries to join one of the opposing sectors.

During the history of humanity there have only been two world wars, both had disastrous results in terms of loss of life and devastation of the economy.

Electronic warfare

Electronic wars are those that employ new technologies to be used in strategic warfare systems.

The first stage of electronic warfare encompasses the development of tools to calculate and recognize electromagnetic energy resources, so that they are used for their military value.

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