Types of scenario

  • The stage is known as the area of ​​a theater or cultural space in which various cultural activities are carried out in itself.
  • This activity can be a ballet act, an opera, a play, a musical concert, but it can also be an awards ceremony or any other activity that requires an exhibition before a specific audience.

    The stage is without a doubt one of the most essential areas of any theater or cultural space. It is in this area where a large part of the tasks to be executed take place and where all the activities are exhibited before the viewer.


    • 1 Types of scenarios
      • 1.1 Italian scenario
      • 1.2 Black box scenario
      • 1.3 Circular scenario
      • 1.4 Elizabethan scenery
      • 1.5 Arena stage
      • 1.6 Paintball stage
      • 1.7 Indoor paintball stage
      • 1.8 Annihilation paintball scenario
      • 1.9 Central flag paintball scenario

    Scenario types

    Italian stage

    It is the most common kind of stage, the one that can be seen in almost all the halls of common theaters. It has only one front; It is an area with the appearance of a horseshoe occupied by the public, distributed in a patio of chairs and one or more amphitheaters and stalls at different levels and slopes.

    Black box scenario

    It is known as a black box, the type of stage in which it is possible to distribute the audience and the stage in any way that the director or actors wish. It is also known as an experimental setting .

    Circular stage

    In this type of stage, the actors circulate in the center and the spectator sees the act around it. Located in steps that are leveled as they move away from the center, in order to facilitate a precise view of the work.

    In the same way there is a kind of circular stage that rises above the public, widely used in works with public at the foot of the avenue .

    Elizabethan scenery

    It is known in this way because it has three fronts and the viewer is distributed there, in addition they were spaces of hexagonal or octagonal appearance with a moderately covered stage that went a bit towards the central area of ​​a roofless sandy area surrounded by two or three gallery levels.

    This kind of stage was used frequently during Shakespeare’s time .

    Arena stage

    It is that space that has spectators all around it, it is generally square and people are placed in the four corners, as if it were a boxing ring .

    Paintball stage

    Within paintball it is possible to enjoy a large number of scenarios. Each paintball space creates and personifies games or scenarios depending on the terrain or elements available. Care areas and props is important to transform the field of play into a special experience.

    Indoor paintball stage

    They consist of scenarios that are within various facilities. They generally present a balance in their staging regardless of whether the props are made up of natural or inflatable elements. Within these scenarios, between 4 and 20 players usually play per group.

    Paintball scene Annihilation

    People are not eliminated in this area of ​​paintball. During the game it is required to mark all opposing groups. At the end, the group that has hit the most paintballs on the members of the opposing groups wins.

    Central flag paintball stage

    It is considered one of the simplest types of scenarios. In this, a flag is placed in an open area, as if it were the handkerchief game. Each group will try to steal the flag and carry it to their area. However, you have to be careful not to be discarded.

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