Types of protection

The word amparo is linked to the protection or defense of something. It can also indicate an individual or object that grants protection. The term comes from the Latin word anteparare, which means to shield or preserve.

Shelter can be provided by an object, such as a building, which plays a role of protection against the severity of the weather. However, the amparo can be granted by one person or a group of people.

  • 1 Types of protection
    • 1.1 Spiritual protection
    • 1.2 Judicial protection
    • 1.3 Animal protection
    • 1.4 Patrimonial protection
    • 1.5 Direct protection
    • 1.6 Provisional protection

Types of protection

Spiritual protection

This type of protection consists of the capacity that a celestial being has, and that is characterized by having authority or power to defend those who follow or serve them. For this virtue to be granted to a person, it is required that the same create and express a prayer in which he asks to be defended or protected when a complex or difficult event occurs.

There are a lot of prayers where you beg for protection, many can be found in the passages of the Christian bible. It is important to emphasize that religions have different rites or ceremonies to request protection.

Judicial protection

It consists of the action included in different Constitutions and that facilitates an individual to request the intervention of a high court when he understands that his rights were disrespected or were not protected by other courts.

Animal protection

Animal-type protection, as its name suggests, is the defense or protection granted to animals when their physical integrity is in danger.

This class of actions have had a positive consequence in society, since as time passes, norms are promoted that protect living beings that fall into the category of danger of extinction.

Patrimonial protection

The purpose of this kind of protection is to ensure and defend people’s assets in any situation, granting legal protection and on some occasions economic protection, thus preventing said asset from being threatened.

This term is used in the protection against lacerations and civil commitment in an accident, without taking into account the breaches of the rules, nor the responsibility of the person affected.

The direct amparo, or direct amparo trial is manifested when a defendant understands that an authoritarian figure has harmed their rights during the issuance of the sentence in an ordinary venue.

If the person requesting the direct amparo is right, an assigned Collegiate Circuit Court must grant the amparo and establish the reading of a new sentence, in which the constitutional errors committed in the previous sentence are amended .

Provisional protection

The provisional protection is the protection granted in an ephemeral way, while a permanent solution to an already established legal action is sought.

Due to this, this type of amparo needs to be a completely different guarantee in time and severity than the amparo sentence, which must be firm and have the necessary elements of execution to achieve the desired result.

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