Types of pines

The term pine comes from the Latin pinus. The pine is

a type of tree of the group of abietáceas. It has a very tall trunk, with a lot of resin, it grows straight and its leaves are very fine as if they were needles. The fruit of the pine is called pineapple, while its seed is called piñón and of this there are different species.

The pine belongs to the group of plants that have their seeds as if they were cones, hence its name of conifers. Its vertical growth has a shape very similar to a pyramid, in descending order, its tops go down from lowest to highest.

The pine is a tree of impressive diversity. It is taken into account at all times of the year and in different types of climates. At Christmas, this tree is the king of homes, in its natural and artificial form. They are used for decoration dissected and painted with natural varnish, both its seed, the pine nut, and its fruit, which is the pineapple.

Wood products, among which is pine, stand out their increase by region. North America, Europe and Asia account for more than 56.26% of the world’s timber export values, according to figures from the Food and Agriculture Foundation (FAO).

The Latin American and Caribbean countries with the highest forest cover are Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Bolivia, which together have more than 79 percent of all forest cover in the region.

In gymnastics the word pine is used to describe the exercise called handstand, which is characterized by putting the body vertically, with the feet up, while the hands rest on the floor.

  • 1 Types of pines
    • 1.1 Cargo pins
    • 1.2 Waltz pine
    • 1.3 Melis pine
    • 1.4 Black pine
    • 1.5 Scots or white pine
    • 1.6 Black pine
    • 1.7 Stone pine
    • 1.8 Canary Island pine
    • 1.9 Rodeo pine
    • 1.10 Pine tea
    • 1.11 Pine _encino or oak
  • 2 Characteristics of pines

Types of pines

Cargo pins

Waltz pineThey are pieces or pieces of string pine wood. They are 10 yards long. Its boards are 18 inches long and wide, by a 12-inch angle.

It is a type of whitish pine that has a reddish bark, high up.

Pine melis

It is a slightly black pine, of the type called black pine, widely used to make floorboards and some doors in many other modern carpentry works.

Black pine

It is a kind of pine that can be up to 40 meters high. Their rinds have an ashy white color. It has very strong and long leaves, its fruits are very small cones. Its wood is in great commercial demand for being quite elastic and with a large amount of resin used in the industry.

Scots pine or white

Its bark has a reddish color in the heights. Both its branches and its trunks are very thick, so its wood is highly sought after in all types of constructions. It has short leaves and the cones are quite small.

Black pine

Its color is dark brown. It has a very smooth bark. Its leaves are very short and the pineapples, which are its very small fruits. It can reach 10 to 20 meters in height.

stone pine

This type of pine has a straight or straight trunk. Its leaves are very long. It has pineapples with pine nuts that are edible. Its crown is quite wide. It can reach up to 30 meters high.

Canary pine

It is also called pinus canariensis. They occupy large spaces on peaks and mountains of the Tenerife archipelago. These types of pines have the particularity of being very resistant to fires. As it grows, it forms many layers of its crust that survive any fire, sprouting up again, shortly after the incident occurs.

Pino rodeno

Its bark is very rough, brownish in color and somewhat reddish on the roofs. Its wood has a lot of resin. It is of medium height and its leaves are very long, rigid and even thick. It has large pointed cones, they are a little bent or bent.

Pine tea

Its wood is widely used in carpentry and architecture for the manufacture of floors, balconies, doors and other types of designs in which a hard and compact wood is required. This wood has a reddish color and with a lot of resin.

Pine _Encino or oak

These trees always occupy large forest areas. Both pine and oak are mixed and cover the areas that are usually reforested with pine.

Oak trees are very robust types of trees and grow in the lower areas of the mountains and near the sea. They have very hard leaves with some smooth, wavy and serrated shapes. Acorns are its fruits. The flowers are called catkins.

Pine characteristics

  • Pines are used very frequently in the planting of new trees for reforestation.
  • They provide raw material that other trees do not have.
  • They adapt easily to any climate.
  • They grow in rough and adverse soils.
  • They reproduce very loudly and copiously.
  • They are relatively new trees in tropical countries.
  • The pine can measure from 18 to 20 m in height.
  • The trunk of the pine is rough in shape.
  • Its branches are very resistant and also thick.
  • It has a dark green color and in some cases a little brown.

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