Types of Jordan tennis

The Air Jordan consists of a sports tennis signature generated by a partnership between the Nike company and former NBA player Michael Jordan. Due to their fame, it is common for them to be counterfeited by foreign companies.

Michael Jordan made a great impression in his first year as a rookie in the NBA in 1984.

A rumor formed that it was a daring move on both sides because the Nike company was going through a bad economic time, and for Jordan, the shoes were not his favorite. However, the player signed the contract with Nike even though his favorite tennis was Adidas.


  • 1 Types of Jordan tennis
    • 1.1 Air Jordan I
    • 1.2 Air Jordan II
    • 1.3 Air Jordan III
    • 1.4 Air Jordan VII
    • 1.5 Air Jordan IX
    • 1.6 Air Jordan X
    • 1.7 Air Jordan XII

Types of Jordan tennis

Air Jordan I

The Air Jordan I was the first sneaker brand generated for an athlete or sportsman, which was introduced in a sudden and massive way in the trend market.

 There is a rumor that the player Michael Jordan received a fine of five thousand dollars every time he went to play a game with the tennis shoes, because they went against the colors allowed for the players, and that the NBA leaders them prohibited.

However, the Chicago Bulls star paid all his fines while still wearing the shoes, this created a high level of success for the tennis brand among the player’s fans.

Air Jordan II

In this class of footwear, the Nike logo was eliminated from its design, and with these it reached its first award of dunks. Jordan only used them in 18 games because the shoes came out around the time he injured his foot.

Air Jordan III

This type of tennis was the first to integrate the famous “jumpman” logo and the first created by designer Tinker Hatfield, the other great one in charge of elevating the Jordan brand to where it is currently positioned.

It integrated innovative technologies and materials for that period. With these shoes he reached his second dunk award and the first MVP of an All Star game.

Air Jordan VII

These were the tennis shoes that Jordan used during his second Ring, the second gold medal in the Olympic Games, his second MVP, and with these it was that he managed to score 7 triples without committing any mistake in the first stage of the final NBA game.

Air Jordan IX

These shoes were used by Jordan during his first retirement. They were never used to play basketball in the NBA, but to play baseball, a sport that he played for a while.

Air Jordan X

The Air Jordan X meant the return of Michael Jordan to the NBA in 1995, in his first game he wore the number 45, and he faced the Pacers, during this game it was possible to see him with his shoes.

However, the player only used them during some matches. One of those games was a very famous one against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, where he scored 56 points.

Air Jordan XII

These sneakers were designed in the colors of the flag of Japan. With them Jordan achieved his ring number five and they were used in one of the most important actions, because they were used in the final game against Utah, in which he scored 39 points and achieved 7 rebounds and 5 assists to get an advantage for his team in the series.

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