Types of footwear

The word footwear is used to describe any object that is used to cover and protect the feet from the severity of cold weather, possible injuries and away from dirt. However, it is also used to give feet beauty and style .

Footwear has existed for many centuries, in each period its shape and even its function varied.

Currently, the style and attractiveness of footwear has a value almost similar to that obtained by its functionality. A wide range of footwear models are presented annually for each temperature, place, activity and time of year.

Each year they are exhibited to the public in a consumer market that has largely removed the concept that footwear has the essential function of wrapping and protecting the feet.


  • 1 What are the types of footwear?
    • 1.1 Athletic footwear
    • 1.2 Espadrilles
    • 1.3 Sandals
    • 1.4 Boots
    • 1.5 Orthopedic footwear
    • 1.6 Slippers
    • 1.7 Ballerinas
    • 1.8 Moccasin
    • 1.9 Peep Toes

What are the types of footwear?

Athletic footwear

This type of footwear is appropriate for people who carry out a sporting activity . These protect the feet against various pressures that occur when practicing. Their models are diverse, as are the materials and cords used to make them.


This word comes from the Hispanic Arabic language and refers to a shoe made with canvas and the sole is made with esparto, hemp , and other fibers. To secure them to the feet, they can have an elastic, however, sometimes they only fit.

The elaboration of the espadrilles in many occasions is manual, being braided in looms. Various less simple formats show a rubber wrap on the sole in order to increase its durability and to give it protection against moisture and water.

Flip flops

It consists of a type of shoe used by people for its simple placement, its simplicity, its low price and the comfort it provides in circumstances of excessive heat.

The sandals are open and are composed of a sole and an object that secures the upper area of ​​the foot, this being a band or a strap.

There are different types of sandals, some are very simple and others are very complicated and delicate, although in any case, this type of footwear is considered one of the first models of shoes manufactured by mankind.


Boots are a type of footwear that protects areas such as the feet, ankles and part of the leg. Its elevation changes depending on the model and the role it plays.

In many cases, the boots only wrap around the ankle. Likewise, they can cover more than the knee. This type of footwear can have a heel.

Generally, in informal clothing, boots are clearly feminine footwear. On many occasions, women choose tight and high boots, because this facilitates the styling of the legs. In the case of men, they use them to protect themselves from the cold.

Similarly, there are work boots that are made with resistant elements to protect workers, sports boots, and orthopedic boots that allow the foot not to move.

Orthopedic footwear

Orthopedic footwear is one prescribed by doctors when there is a deficiency or deformity in the feet, which can be articular, muscular, bone , among others. These shoes are used when these problems cannot be treated by themselves through the use of normal footwear.

They are generally used when there are problems with flat feet, club feet or metatarsal deviation, however, there are many deformations for which the use of orthopedic footwear is required.

Orthopedic footwear has a number of specific qualities, such as orthotics used to elevate the arch of the foot. This orthosis is usually made according to the type of problem encountered.


It is a type of footwear that consists of a shoe without a heel and ears that is used to be at home comfortably.


Ballerinas are a type of flat shoe similar to the shoes used by ballet dancers and that have positioned themselves in the first place among the favorites in fashion shoes. They are an elegant alternative to other shoes because it is possible to find them in a very high range of types and materials.

These have the benefit that they are very comfortable and due to their versatility they can be used both in daily tasks and in situations where elegant footwear is required.


It is a flat shoe, generally made of suede or nubuck, with a flexible and light sole. They are known for not having any type of closure, and are sometimes accompanied by ties on the shovel. Loafers can be used by women, men and children.

Peep toes

Peep-Toes are a category of footwear that have a tiny opening at the toe and are appropriate when you want to get a classy look, but don’t want to get too hot on your feet. They are very sophisticated and tend to give a longer look to the legs.

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