Types of expression

The word expression is used to describe the display of an individual’s ideas, feelings, and desires. It is usually used to define all kinds of phenomena or exhibitions caused by another person.

The concept of expressing something is related to displaying it as something exclusive and notorious to other people and it is not surprising that it is considered an important need that has been part of humanity since its inception.

  • 1 Types of expression
    • 1.1 Gene expression
    • 1.2 Body expression
    • 1.3 Artistic expression
    • 1.4 Algebraic expression
    • 1.5 Oral expression
    • 1.6 Written expression

Types of expression

Gene expression

Gene expression consists of the procedure through which all eukaryotic and prokaryotic entities convert the data encoded in the nucleic acid into the proteins required for its proper functioning and development.

In the post-genomic era, the demand to generate more proteins in less time has increased. On the one hand, from the field of research, it is required to verify the hypotheses related to the functions and organization of genes.

On the other hand, companies require active proteins for use in biotechnology and target cells that can be used in the search for new drugs. In this way, each time more molecules or proteins are generated in biological structures to be used as vaccines and therapeutic weapons.

Body expression

The term corporal expression is used to define the individuals who use their body, the movements and ways they can achieve with it to express various thoughts.

Usually, the concept of corporal expression is practiced between artists such as choreographers or people who practice mime . These characters work more with the body than with words.

Body expression needs at all times a high level of control and knowledge of the body as well as greater animation since it is necessary to transmit with movements what others express with words.

Artistic expression

Artistic expression consists of the way in which an artist expresses how he feels, his perspective, his beliefs and his thoughts. This he does through his works. This means that artistic expressions are everything that is called a work of art.

The expression of an artistic type is nothing more than the stimulus to the need to convey a thought or notion on the part of the artist, the perspective that he has and that he wishes to share with other people, although for them this practice is beautiful, attractive or repulsive.

Algebraic expression

The algebraic type expression is a set of numbersletters, and operation symbols. The letters tend to symbolize unidentified quantities and are known as unknowns or variables. These types of expressions facilitate the translation of the language of mathematics into expressions of ordinary language.

Oral expression

Oral expression is known as any type of communication that is carried out through the word. Oral expression in human beings is based on the use of a natural ability that prepares them to articulate sounds in a systematic way and transmit ideas through them.

Oral expression is one of the main complicated ways of expression in the human being, either from the history of humanity or from the personal history of an individual. The oral tradition is a way to express prior written word and it is on this that the language develops in the future.

Written expression

The written expression is the form of manifestation of thoughts, data, emotions, claims, that people use and is written on a physical or digital basis with common graphic signs that change according to the culture of the author .

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