Exposure types

An exhibition consists of the action of explaining something so that it can be observed, or heard by other people. The term as such comes from the Latin expositio .

The word can refer to public exhibitions of things or elements of scientific, historical, educational, technological, artistic interest, among others. Generally, such exhibitions are held for commercial or cultural purposes, specifically to make people aware of various elements.

  • 1 Types of exposures
    • 1.1 Written statement
    • 1.2 Newspaper article
    • 1.3 Scientific article
    • 1.4 Oral presentation
    • 1.5 Conference
    • 1.6 Talk
    • 1.7 Exposure (photography)

Types of exposures

Written exposition

Written expositions are texts that need to be exhibited in a clear and organized way. In these, generally, a topic that is argued logically is reflected, with which the public will discover everything that said topic includes.

When writing an expository topic, the simplest outline that can be followed is made up of the introduction, the development and the conclusion.

Newspaper article

A newspaper article is a type of informative or opinion written exposition that gives an account of some facts, either from a neutral point of view or from a subjective point of view, and that is exhibited in some written communication medium.

An informative newspaper article is usually made by a journalist who works regularly for the medium in which it is broadcast, while if it is an opinion newspaper article, it can be signed by a regular or occasional cooperator, or even by an important figure who is given the opportunity to comment on his perspective in an extraordinary way.

Scientific article

It consists of a written report where the original conclusions of a study are presented and it becomes a primary scientific publication, when it is disseminated for the first time and its content informs what is necessary so that the observations can be evaluated, the experiments repeated and the results evaluated. intellectual procedures done by the authors of the material.

Oral presentation

The oral presentation is the communication of some topics before an audience based on a  previously made scheme or script . It consists of a practice of great importance in different aspects. In the academic area, it is present in the explanations that the teachers give in class or in the work that the students communicate with their classmates.


It consists of a presentation made by one or more people, on any topic, generally of generic interest, before an audience, which is allowed to participate by means of questions. If it is not allowed to ask questions, it is a monologue called a fixed lecture, or more specifically, speech.

The speaker must have enough empathy to get the attention of his listeners, and answer the questions with the greatest possible interest, to make it tedious.


The term talk is used to describe the conversation, which usually has informal or friendly tones, and that a person has with another individual or with several, who act as interlocutors, with the mission of commenting on a topic, putting it, or becoming acquainted Of something.

It is known for its levels of informality and little seriousness and although relevant and profound topics can be addressed, it is also common to talk about trivial things and change from one aspect to another, especially when talking about talks from friends who are not seen for a long time and they catch up during the chat.

Exposure (photography)

The exposure of a photograph is the stabilization between the exposure time, the sensitivity of the sensor and the diaphragm aperture , with the aim of correctly obtaining the present light that the photometer has measured.

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