Types of coverage

The term coverage comes from the word co-opening that has different applications. A cover can be an envelope: that which is used to hide or protect something.

It is called coverage to all that thing that goes above something, a coverage is arranged on something in order to protect or fulfill a different function which will be increased within a certain protection.

  • 1 Types of coverage
    • 1.1 Universal health coverage
    • 1.2 Journalistic coverage
    • 1.3 Financial coverage
    • 1.4 Educational coverage
    • 1.5 Network coverage
    • 1.6 Chocolate coating
    • 1.7 Interest coverage
    • 1.8 Vegetation cover

Types of coverage

Universal health coverage

The purpose of universal health coverage is to ensure that all individuals obtain the health services they require, without having to have financial problems to pay for them.

Health-type coverage encompasses the need to identify the essential function that all areas perform to guarantee people’s health, especially those of education, urban programming and transportation.

Universal health coverage has direct results for the health of the community. The entrance to health services makes it easier for individuals to be more profitable and collaborate more actively for the good of their communities and families.

Journalistic coverage

In the area of ​​the media , it is known as coverage to the practice that journalists and technical operators do to provide information about a specific event, mostly this is done from the place where the event took place.

Financial coverage

In the field of economics , coverage is understood to be any financial activity aimed at reducing the threats of a financial asset or liability. To do so, you can sell or buy a financial asset linked to the investment on which you want to make a financial hedge.

A coverage is perfect when investment threats are totally eliminated, precisely rewarding losses if they are achieved.

Educational coverage

Educational coverage is a sign that shows a demand debt that exists in an educational system, which means that part of the population is outside the school structure or cannot enter it.

By its description, it is possible to distinguish that the consequence of differing the two indicators previously discussed: the population in school stage or demand and the supply manifested by enrollment.

The coverage is made to different areas: by leveling, preschool, Basic, Primary, Secondary, Vocational, University, and in the same way it can be assessed for each of the school grades; by section, participation of the unofficial and official sector; by region: rural or urban.

Network coverage

It consists of the signal received by the artifact or device that a person uses to communicate. Likewise, the coverage covers the geographical area in which there is a specific service, which can be data or voice.

Communications companies generally use detailed coverage maps to determine where services can be provided and how to improve coverage when problems arise.

Chocolate cover

This component is used in pastry to cover biscuits or cakes. This ingredient has a high concentration of cocoa butter, whose fat, once cooked and then cooled, gives solidity to the product that has been bathed.

To achieve this, it is not possible to use all types of chocolates, because cup chocolates, for example, have a large amount of flour to thicken, and those of frequent consumption have very few amounts of cocoa butter. In the markets it is possible to find milk, white or dark chocolate toppings.

Interest coverage

Interest coverage is the similarity that exists when an individual adds up all the interest on his debts : consumer credit, mortgages, credit cards, among others, and calculates the number of times he can pay said interest with his income obtained annually before to pay the annual tax.

Vegetable cover

It consists of the wrapping of wild or sown flora that grow spontaneously on a ground space or an aquatic area.

Its distribution on earth requires climatic agents and soils. The link between climate and vegetation is very broad.

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