Types of Conference

The term conference is used to describe the presentation that is made by one or more individuals, on any subject, usually of generic interest, before an audience, which is facilitated to participate through questions. If it is not allowed to ask questions, it is considered a monologue known as a fixed lecture, or rather, a speech.

The conferences can cover the most diverse topics, and it is proposed that the speaker be an expert in the field. There are conferences to promote an article to the market, presenting its advantages, about some scientific innovation, or about some condition, about security problems or for the benefit of peace.

In the academic field, the conference consists of one of the most used oral categories, because it serves as an instrument to transfer knowledge or to disseminate generic topics of interest by an expert.


  • 1 Types of conferences
    • 1.1 Press conference
    • 1.2 Videoconference
    • 1.3 Episcopal Conference
    • 1.4 Keynote conference
    • 1.5 Conference – Interview

Conference types

Press conference

The press conference is a channel for circulating more information than can be done through a press release. In the same way, it is a way of occasionally introducing representatives of a process to explain the most important details of an event.

The media are favored by press conferences, because a press release only gives a kind of blank copy or event without sound or images. At a press conference, the media has a great opportunity to get messages or images.

Videoconferencing consists of a type of communication that is established through a telecommunications system and that includes the dissemination of images and sounds.

This type of conference has the purpose of joining two or more distant zones to each other, facilitating conversation between several individuals or work groups.

This kind of technology is very beneficial for business users located in different cities or nations, because it saves money and problems of mobilization and stay.

Episcopal Conference

It consists of a fixed organization, also known as the National Conference of Bishops, because its task is to be the institution of the Bishops of a specific country or region, and they carry out various pastoral work linked to the believers in their area.

Keynote conference

This type of conference is the one carried out by an expert on a topic, the rules are to describe the topic, develop it from all possible perspectives, and at the end, establish results that are appropriate and demonstrable.

In the final part of the keynote lecture, time can be granted for the expert to answer the questions of the conference participants, so that the public has no doubts about the subject matter.

Conference – Interview

It consists of a type of conference that is widely used in media such as television and radio. During its development, a specialist explains a topic in a summarized way, and the presenter of the space expresses his concerns, which are answered briefly.

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