Types of columns

The term column is used in various areas, and therefore has different meanings. In the field of architecture it is used to name the long, cylindrical support, generally formed by a base, a shaft and a capital.

The column in architecture has two objectives: to support ceilings in constructions , or with a narrowly decorative function, to adorn buildings, houses, etc.

  • 1 What are the types of columns?
    • 1.1 Journalistic column
    • 1.2 Military column
    • 1.3 Exempt column
    • 1.4 Attached column
    • 1.5 Embedded column
    • 1.6 Excel column
    • 1.7 Balustraded column
    • 1.8 Spinal column
    • 1.9 Belted column
    • 1.10 Solomonic column

What are the types of columns?

Journalistic column

The term newspaper column is used to refer to a type of opinion piece. The person in charge of making the column is known as a columnist .

The newspaper column tries to present an interpretation of reality to direct the reader.

On several occasions, it is possible to see several columns published with different opinions on a topic, so that people can observe different perceptions about an issue and based on them make their own arguments on that topic.

Military column

The military column is a form of formation of troops or military groups that march one after another, in an organized way. It can be structured by enlisted men , combat vehicles, ships of a large squadron, and infantry troops.

This type of column is generally made up of troops in which all groups and services are located at the first level, in such a way that it encompasses a class of efficient organization for non-prolonged or sporadic forces.

Exempt column

The freestanding or isolated column consists of the column class that is divided from the main construction system of a work. It is known in this way because it is exempt from any vertical object of the building.

Attached column

It consists of the column that is attached to the walls or some other construction object . It performs structural functions, and also decorative ones.

Embedded column

This type of column consists of the one that seems to be embedded in a wall or any other area of ​​the construction. Unlike other types of column such as attached, the embedded column is usually added in group buildings, and performs specifically structural functions.

Excel column

The column within the Excel application consists of a group of cells that are arranged vertically from the top to the bottom of the worksheet. The columns are recognized by a letter that is placed in the upper area of ​​the sheet.

Balustraded column

This type of column is the one with a shaft that looks like a baluster.

Its figure has different thicknesses in its route, and can also include tiny objects for decorative purposes. It is a piece typical of the Renaissance , and of the Spanish architecture of the 16th century.


The spinal column is one of the most essential structures in the body of many living things, especially people.

This area of ​​the body is made up of several components and has an elongated and slightly curved appearance in some areas.

It is located in the posterior area of ​​the body and has the function of supporting the rest of the skeleton , as well as being in charge of storing information that the neurological apparatus requires regarding the mobility of the body.

Column tucked

The girdled column is one that has a shaft made with rustic and carved stones. In the same way, it is known for the cylinders made of the same material, more or less small, depending on the model and the decoration that you want to achieve.

Solomonic column

It is made up of a shaft with a spiral appearance. Unlike other types of column, this column has a single cylinder, and the spiral is placed on the same axis as the base.

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