Types of chili peppers

The peppers are a type of pepper is very hot and used for marinating and preparing various dishes.

It is important to note that the use of this chili began many years ago, about 7,500 years ago, in America, they were used to prepare dishes and when Christopher Columbus arrived in America he made them famous as peppers for their taste similar to black pepper and took them to Europe .

This pepper is not only used as food, it is also used for medicinal purposes, especially for the numbing quality of capsaicin that has the property of sleeping any area of ​​the epidermis in which it is placed.

Red chili peppers have high amounts of carotene and vitamin C, green peppers have fewer vitamins. They also have high doses of B vitaminsiron , potassium, and magnesium.


  • 1 What are the types of chili peppers?
    • 1.1 Habanero chili
    • 1.2 jalapeno pepper
    • 1.3 Chile poblano
    • 1.4 Chile serrano
    • 1.5 Green chili
    • 1.6 Bell pepper chili
    • 1.7 Bell pepper
    • 1.8 Chile de arbol
    • 1.9 Japanese chili

What are the types of chili peppers?

habañero pepper

It has a light green tone and when it matures it goes from yellow to orange, it has a soft texture, its appearance is similar to a small lantern, it is approximately 4 centimeters long by 3 wide.

It is known for being one of the hottest chili peppers. It is a classic chili of the Yucatan food , most of them are inclined to use it when it has a yellow or green color.

It is not used dry, it is consumed raw, roasted, cooked or fresh. It is cut raw to make sauces, it is crushed to make spicier sauces, sometimes they just split them a little and pass it on top of any type of sauce to impregnate its heat. It comes from the Caribbean region, it is not from Havana, Cuba, however, it is not known for sure where it comes from.

jalapeno pepper

It is a fresh green pepper, long conical, sometimes its tip is flat, it has a lot of meat with luminous skin. It measures about 6 centimeters long and 2.5 wide.

Chile poblano

It is a fresh chili, with a lot of meat, with a conical appearance, of great dimension, flattened with various curvatures, especially dark green with a luminous skin. Some consider that it is not very spicy, while others believe that it is not, and it has a specific flavor.

The quality poblano type chili is about 12 centimeters long and 6 centimeters wide, it is one of the most widely used chili peppers in countries like Mexico, and one of the most widely sown, it is widely used in world cuisine. It can be filled with various ingredients.

It is a greenish pepper with a cylindrical appearance, sometimes it ends in a point, it measures approximately between 3 and 5 centimeters and 1 centimeter in diameter, it is a very hot chili, sometimes its veins and seeds are used, which are also very hot.

Its shell is soft and shiny, it does not look wrinkled, most of the serrano pepper is eaten while it is not ripe, that is, with a green tone since when it matures it turns red and is used in the same way.

It is kept easily in the refrigerator for approximately 10 days, its freezing is not recommended, its name comes from the growing area that is the mountains of Mexico.

green chile

All fresh peppers that have this color are known as green chilies, mostly immature so they can be jalapeño, poblano, water, serrano, etc. peppers. It is usually about 5 centimeters long and 2 centimeters wide.

Bell pepper chili

They are red or dark green peppers, however, it can be found in orange and yellow colors, it is large, with a lot of meat. Some experts assure that it is a chili from Mexico that was later cultivated in the area of Castilla in Spain and later in other regions of Europe. They are known colloquially as bell peppers.

Bell chili

The cascabel-type chili has the appearance of a tiny rattle, the cascabel chili has a smooth, hard shell with a reddish-brown color. This pepper is used in a table sauce, however, it is possible to combine it with green tomato in a sauce of main dishes.

Tree chili

It is a category of chili that is elongated, rigid, stylized, it is a type of pepper with a lot of heat, it is used repeatedly in table sauces and various stews.

Japanese chili

It is a very small type of chili, it is long, dry and reddish in color. It has a lot of spice.

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