Belief types

A belief is a firm assent or agreement to something. That is, it is the fact that a person has absolute consideration about a fact or news, that is, that they have them as something totally true or certain.

When it comes to beliefs, today a large part of the population refers to the spiritual or religious aspect. Although there can be beliefs of all kinds, in all areas.

  • 1 Types of beliefs
    • 1.1 Atheistic beliefs
    • 1.2 Agnostics
    • 1.3 Believers
    • 1.4 Maintenance spirituality
    • 1.5 Spirituality of ascension
    • 1.6 Spirituality of descent

Belief types

Next, we are going to focus on the most relevant type of religious and / or spiritual beliefs:

Atheistic beliefs

They are based on the fact that the figure of God is a myth and does not exist. People with this type of belief are sure that the explanations given by religions about the world, creation, etc. they have other reasons of a scientific nature. Atheists often think that there is no life after death.

His path to the spiritual world focuses on the person himself, as a human being within the universe, in coexistence with other individuals.


It is the type of belief based on that there is some type of entity responsible for the creation of the universe and the current world. However, they do not claim that He is God, but that He may or may not exist. That is to say, the figure of an entity does not have to be as it is related in the sacred texts. Sometimes agnostics are aware of different religions in which they seek to find an explanation, however, this does not mean that they confirm the existence of a God.


The group of people who firmly affirm the existence of God. Understanding this as it is spoken of in the bible, not as an abstract entity, or a being. This means that they believe in a divine being located on an extraterrestrial plane. For believers, spirituality goes hand in hand with the religion to which they are faithful and is based on seeking a kind of connection between themselves and their god.

In religions there is a conviction that after death, there is something more. Be it a holy place to go, reincarnation, etc.

Maintenance spirituality

It focuses on the beliefs that the person needs to feel healthy and stable. It is a type of thinking that is intended to prevent people from falling apart if at some point they lose the strength to move forward. It seeks that the individual perceives the world around him and feels it, and that this helps him grow.

Ascension Spirituality

Seeks that the person develops as much as possible. Let wounds, laziness, immaturity, etc. be left behind. the goal is for the person to develop in all of each of the possible fields. Within this type of belief is the intrinsic need of the human being to discover, to investigate what we do not understand and what is hidden in our own being.

Descent spirituality

It focuses on making the person aware of the difficulties that exist in life and of the external forces that act beyond ourselves. It is a type of belief that seeks to know in depth the reason for the low points of life, for the depressions that we can find in it. The aim is that through this search, the person finds the strength to face these bad moments.

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