Natural Sciences

  • green compound leaves

    Types of leafs

    From the point of view of biology, leaves are an important part of plants that have specific functions: one of them is photosynthesis . The leaves…

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  • Worker drilling a piece of wood

    Types of Cutting Tools

    The cutting tools are those instruments that allow a person to carry out a job of separating or dividing some material . It is widely…

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  • green butterfly

    Types of Butterflies

    Butterflies are one of the most beautiful insects displayed in nature. Within science they are known as ” lepidoptera “, which refer to those insects…

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  • Plate-shaped mushrooms of copper colors

    Types of Mushrooms

    Fungi are thus known as a series of “eukaryotic” type organisms, which within botany, is part of what is known as the Fungi…

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  • Lit match with its yellow flame

    Types of Light

    Light is defined as that source that originates thanks to the radiation that is generated in the sun , which is distributed through a…

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  • Blue sky

    Types of Cloud

    We know clouds as those that form within a natural process already defined by science, in which the vapor that condenses once it…

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  • pink flowers

    Types of Roses

    The word rose to refer both to the rose itself that arises from a rose bush, and to the bush itself, interchangeably . It will…

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  • Headache

    Types of Pain

    The concept of pain refers to a type of discomfort sensation that goes from mild to intense , leaving an unpleasant sensation in the…

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  • Woman with pink bow

    Types of Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is a deadly disease that consists of cells in the breast multiplying without apparent control . The type of breast cancer will depend…

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  • forest with river

    Types of landscapes

    Reference can be made to the theme of the landscape if we relate it to everything that is likely to be seen by…

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