Formal Sciences

  • types of industries

    Types of Industries

    The industry is the set of activities and processes, whose purpose is the transformation of finished and semi-finished materials tending to an end…

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  • Types of chemical bonds

    Types of chemical bonds

    Chemical bonds are the unions that exist between atoms or molecules with each other, to form a stable compound . An individual atom has some…

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  • Types of contracts

    Types of Contracts

    A contract  is an agreement between two or more “parties” (persons or institutions) , who are bound by the same contract, regarding the sale,…

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  • Argument Types

    Types of Argument

    The arguments are the speech through which evidence is presented to give foundation, credit and authority to a proposition, they…

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  • Types of clients

    Types of Clients

    Clients are commonly understood as persons (or companies), who continuously or occasionally, acquire a service or acquire a good, in…

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  • Types of Companies

    Types of Companies

    A company is understood as an economic and social unit made up of both material and technical elements (premises, tools,…

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  • Answering a type of closed survey

    Types of Surveys

    Surveys are data collection techniques that are used for various purposes (political-electoral, economic, commercial, opinion, etc.), they are carried out…

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  • Example of a circular organization chart

    Types of Organization Charts

    Organizational charts are graphic representations of the organizational structure presented by companies, and other types of organizations, which have a…

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  • Blank check and pen

    Types of Checks

    Checks are a form of payment that is made through accounting documents, with which the right is granted to a…

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  • Accounting calculations on calculator

    Types of Accounting

    Accounting is called the set of processes and techniques with which counts, measurements, evaluations and reviews of the state or…

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